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Aliens vs. Predator 2

Developer: Monolith | Publisher: Fox Interactive
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 10/31/01 | Genre: FPS

Same story line as the original, Aliens, humans, and predators meet un-expectedly... havoc ensues. Now it worked out fine for AvP, but the story runs rather dry when you are basically doing the same things over again. I liked the FMV sequences from the first but the movies in the sequel have done a decent job.

Single Player: AI was weak and missions seemed very repetitive.

You start off the game with your fellow marines all decked out in war regalia. At this point I was surprised as in the first game you never even see another marine. Unfortunately after opening a door nearby a wall caves in and you are separated from the others (*sigh*) and are back to the first one again. The marine's single-player missions mainly are opening doors and running from things that go bump in the night. Now don't get me wrong, there are some serious firefights along the way, but nothing awe-inspiring. New Things for the marine are the updated Smart gun, which no longer registers motion but heat (as far as I can tell). There is also a knife (better known as the metal toothpick) but aside from cutting nets is basically useless. There is a Shotgun now which fires either slugs or scatter shells and is very useful if you want to destroy an alien in one blast. There is also a brand new Rail gun, which is essentially a one-shot-kill sniper rifle.

You go through the life cycle of an alien. Chestburster to drone etc. and that was pretty neat in itself. The whole wall-crawling aspect of the game is even more dis-orienting than the first and you will often find yourself on the roof thinking you are on the floor. The only new thing for aliens is the ability to ?Äòpounce' which sends the alien forward a dozen feet while slashing in mid-air, very handy when marines are shooting at you from a distance. My only problem was that I think you should be able to make the pounce "charge up" so that you can go from as little as 4 feet to as much as a dozen if you relegate it correctly. Alien missions are not especially hard. Be prepared for a lot of getting lost. One thing that was especially irritating was the smart gun toting trigger happy marines who never run out of ammo and will shoot a box you're hiding behind for minutes just because they "saw something."

Being a Pred fan myself I was really looking forward to this. I went through the training missions and got ready do deal out some serious damage. Un-fortunately that is all you do for the most part. Killing aliens has its good points but it gets old after a few hours. No real goals for the predators except kill things and try not to get killed. Predators now have a combi-stik (a Double pointed spear used to dismember opponents), a remote-bomb (exactly like it sounds) and a new net-gun which traps opponents for a few seconds so you can finish them off. One interesting thing is that you lose all your healing and energy-restoring capabilities at one point in the game and must get them back; this makes for a challenging level. Plus if marines get too close they will start shooting blindly, and if one hits you they all miraculously "see" you despite cloaking.

The multiplayer this time around is A LOT of fun. Different kinds of game play ensure change every time and there are many classes of species to choose from. Servers can change how many of each species they want, time limit, score limit, frag limit etc. and the maps are well thought-out and pleasing to the eye. Network code is not very well written and "freezes" are frequent, which is frustrating. You can also choose if you want to put the alien "life-cycle" on or off (That means they start as face hugger, then chest-burster, then full grown adult.). P.S. There are no longer "skirmishes" for the multiplayer LAN.

General consensus:
Not a bad game, not great, but not bad. I'm giving it a C. Slightly above average, but nothing to call CNN about.

By Phillip Roy - 03/05/02
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Violence

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