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ATV Offroad Fury

Developer: Rainbow Studios | Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game | Release Date: 02/05/01 | Genre: Driving

Sony hasn't shown anything too impressive from its first party game development companies so ATV Offroad Fury is a pleasant surprise. Everything about this game screams greatness and as far as 4-player racing games go this is the cream of the crop.

The graphics are the first parts of a game everyone notices and let me tell you these graphics are better than good. There are even times when I found my mouth wide open in awe. There is no pop up to be found anywhere in the game. The tracks are huge and have a good amount of details such as the individual grains of dirt that fly up when your ATV hits the ground from a big jump. Obstacles like trees and tires line the track to get in your way.

The vehicles and characters are also very well modeled. On the vehicles you can even see details like the shock springs bouncing differently according to the way you land. The character models and animations are very fluid and lifelike and give the game a very realistic look and feel. The characters crash animations could have been done a little better. It seems like the characters are always in a sit down position, even while they are in mid air about to feel some serious pain from a crash landing. This small detail doesn't detract from the game at all though.

Variety is not a problem in this game. There are over 20 tracks to choose from and all are huge. You have dessert stages, snow stages, and such to give you more visual variety. This way you don't feel like your playing the same stage over and over again only with different turns. The characters have a variety of outfits and color variations so you can personalize. Also there are enough vehicles to choose from so everyone can claim their own style. On top of that each vehicle is customizable so if you want to see everything you will be there for a while.

This game also has play modes galore. You can race a tournament, start your own career, go into a freestyle race, or try the trick attack mode. Oh I forgot to mention there are also tricks to pull off? There are a total of 8 tricks to choose from and while 8 doesn't seem like a lot the tricks are hard enough to pull off so you don't get bored too quickly. In the trick attack mode you can race up to three of your friends or go solo to try to pull off the craziest tricks to get the highest score.

The controls are easy enough for any one to get into and the game also offers a training mode so no one will be lost. You have your basic acceleration and brake buttons but you also have to control the pitch of you landings via the left analog stick. This feature requires you to spend a little more time practicing but by the time you reach the third race you will become a pro at controlling your vehicle.

This game is one of the best sleeper hits to come out in a long time. It's too bad its not getting the marketing push it deserves from Sony. Do yourself a favor a buy this game you won't be disappointed.

By Carlos Diaz - 08/15/01
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