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Batman Arkham Origins First Look

Developer: Warner Bros Games Montreal | Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Action

Release Date: 10/25/13

Batman is back in the third game of the Arkham series with Developer Rocksteady deciding to take a break after to successful titles: Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City. The third title in the series, Batman Arkham Origins, places players in the shoes of a young Batman. Developer Warner Bros Montreal is handling the coding and direction for the third go around. With the changes in teams, can this live up to the past two titles?

Arkham Origins is set on Christmas Eve and eight enemies are coming after Batman in South Gotham. South Gotham is supposed to be a larger area than the rest of Gotham. So big in fact that you can do fast travel via Batman’s Jet. (Shall we call it the Batjet?) With this wide area of space, there are plenty of side missions and story missions to participate in. 

In this prequel, Warner Bros Montreal wants to make Batman more raw and scarier than he has been. Batman still fights in the same way as he does in the future, which is the past two games. (Is anyone else confused in covering prequels?) Players must also make sure they don’t mash buttons in order to maintain their combos. Batman can now take two enemies and tie them up together on either end. Question is, why can’t he do this in the past games, which is the future of this game. Is this Batman’s Midi-chlorians?

Warner Bros Montreal also is attempting to bring some innovations to the Detective Vision. In the demo shown, there is a crashed helicopter. WIth the enhanced Detective Vision, Batman can recreate the crash and see how it came to be blown to bits. This is the most interesting work anyone has done with Detective Vision since it was envisioned two games ago.

Can this prequel continue to make this franchise relevant in the market today? With a new Developer at the helm, with fresh ideas, and bringing Batman’s origin story to life, Batman Arkham Origins may just have the Bat Signal lit up on BUY! 

By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/09/13

Screenshots for Batman Arkham Origins First Look

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