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Battlefield 4 First Look

Developer: DICE | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: FPS

Release Date: 10/29/13

Battlefield 4... What can be said about it? Well, firstly, just as every previous installment in the Battlefield series, it has been met with great anticipation. Anticipation that has been placed quite justly. Everything about Battlefield 4 brings the series to a whole new level, and scale. Fully destructible environments has been a huge, and I mean huge, hallmark in this series. And with Battlefield 4, EA DICE has brought back all of the previous elements, and new, bigger, much bigger elements to this idea - As was revealed to us at EA’s press conference, and in the hands-on demo, on the floor, at E3.

In Battlefield 4, on each multiplayer map, there will be a major objective that can either be held, or destroyed - In the case of the demo, a huge skyscraper in the middle of Shanghai. The objective to be held, is at the top of the skyscraper, but, if your team is having difficulties breaking through the enemy’s defenses, you can always resort to bring the building down. That’s right - You completely bring down a skyscraper. After the skyscraper has fallen to rubble, the objective point in now set in the ruins of the building - With all the dust from the destruction of the building, making for much lower visibility. Players on the ground will then need to make sure to fully utilize their ability to mark enemies, for their teammates.

In addition to the 64 players in the game, each team gets an additional player. This extra player marks the return of Commander mode - Completely re-vamped, and awesomely presented. The Commander, rather than operating from the ground, this time around, you will take up position as an ‘Eye-in-the-sky,’ if you will. Taking control of giving your squad leaders commands, and calling down support for them, such as a Tomahawk missile strike, or a supportive UAV. When your squad leaders and other players manage to complete your commands successfully, you, and your team will receive extra points - So, don’t forget to try and give your team directions.

During my time on the floor, I was able to experience both ground play, and Commander play - I found that, needless to say, coordination is a major factor, in this game. Staying with, covering your teammates, and following your Commanders orders, will prove for a much more fruitful experience. Playing as the Commander, you will have the choice to do so from your computer, or a tablet - You will definitely have to stay on your toes, the whole game, being sure to utilize the resources available to, to help your troops, and try to help give good, unified direction to them, as well.

In Battlefield 4, the Commander is directly reliant on his troops, and vice-versa. The different support abilities, and items available to a commander, at any given point, is limited to the objective control points that are currently being held by his troops, throughout the map. As soon as you lose a control point, you lose whatever support item that was associated with that point, and the opposing Commander gains it.

Though there are still some bugs to work out (As was evident by the unfortunate incident of me spawning into a Blackhawk, and soon having my teammate run it into the side of the building, where we were glitched into the side of the building, and I had to have my client restarted - Anyway just a funny experience), Battlefield 4 is definitely on it’s way to becoming one of the best FPS games of it’s generation, and something that I, myself, am very exciting about.

By Davis Wiitala - 06/12/13

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