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Black & White Creatures (Pre-E3 2005)

Developer: Full Fat | Publisher: Majesco Games
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Real Time Strategy

Release Date: Cancelled

Fans of Black & White have something to look forward to in the first quarter of 2006. Majesco has announced that they are working on Black & White Creatures for both Nintendo DS and for the PSP. More details are currently available about the DS version, which will utilize the touch-screen, so we will focus on that.

The idea behind Black & White (in case you have lived under a rock for the past several years) is that the player creates an entire civilization and is the god of the inhabitants. In this way, the player will make the world whatever they see fit. Additionally, the player controls a giant monster that, depending on their deified whim, the populace will either love or fear. Either way is pretty rewarding. So, the two major objectives of the game are to make your world and then to train your monster to exact your wishes on your world.

When the game comes out on the DS, the stylus and voice commands will be used on the touch screen to train the monster. Full Fat is developing the game for Majesco and they have included eight environments in which to build your civilization. There are also going to be ten different monsters to choose from. The feature that sets Black & White apart from other sims (I mean, besides the giant pet) is the incredible AI. The plan is to keep this high standard in the production of the AI for both the monster and for the population of your civilization.

Originally from Lionhead Studios, Black & White was one of the major players in the PC gaming world when it was released. With the additional features that are being added for the handheld version, it is likely that it will be one of the most involving games available for either the PSP or the DS. The best of these new features (in quirkiness, not necessarily in gaming quality) is the Creature Dance. Use your imagination and you will get the idea what this one is about. This is one of the many mini-games that are going to be added. Using the wireless connectivity of the DS, there will also be a Creature Battle mode.

B&W Creatures promises to be a very involving game available for the DS and PSP. With the critical and commercial success of the original PC version, it should be a pretty safe bet that the handheld version is going to appeal to both current fans and those who are waiting for that perfect engrossing experience for the new generation of handhelds.

By Emily Rutherford - 05/13/05

Screenshots for Black & White Creatures (Pre-E3 2005)

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