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Block Story Preview

Developer: Mindblocks Studio LLC | Publisher: Mindblocks Studio LLC
Players: 1 Player Game | Genre: Adventure

Release Date: 04/25/14

Block Story… Well, I’ll just put it out there, since it’s inevitable… It has a very Minecraft-esque feel about it. Okay, now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about Block Story a bit, since that’s what this is about after all. You can build or fight anything you set your eyes on. fFom the friendly NPC (Non-Player Character) sitting in front of you, to huge spiders, to sharks, to that cute little lizard scurrying beneath your feet—-everything is fair game. 

Players can craft buckets, boats, armor, and weapons. The last two you’ll most definitely need in order to fight off a giant spider early in the game. Also, there are quests! Lots, and lots of quests. Despite the large number, you may find them a bit tedious as they are all ‘gather me X-number of these items,’ and ‘kill this many of these mobs.’  Hopefully, these quests will become a little more vibrant, as well as the personalities of the NPCs that give them. This is only a portion of the content that I have managed to soak up during my time playing Block Story so far.

While playing Block Story, I’d have to say one of the most interesting things that I experienced was the fact that the focus wasn’t completely on mining and digging deep down into the ground. I was able to ‘climb’ hundreds of thousands of feet into the air by way of hopping between what appeared to be ‘clouds.’ Furthermore, these ‘clouds’ housed crafting materials needed some pretty neat recipes. So I wasn’t just hopping around on clouds simply for the fun of it. This was truly a three dimensional experience, which isn’t seen in a whole lot of games.

Oh! Remember how I mentioned Minecraft earlier?... Well, one thing that I definitely did not miss was the severe nuisance of having to press the spacebar every two seconds, in order to scale the side of a hill.  The game did that for me and saved my spacebar, and my thumb, from a very tiring little annoyance. I guess I’ll make another comparison—-the game modes available to play: 
Story/Adventure mode, where you play through the game as you would any RPG.
Creative mode, which is more for, as you would guess, being creative, building elaborate structures, as you have infinite resources, and as such, no need to run around and gather blocks to create your structures.
Hardcore mode, which is the same as Story mode, but the monsters you face will be twice as strong, you’ll have a limited number of times you can die, and dying will cause you to lose progress.

Still being in development, Block Story still has some rough edges to be smoothed out, but I believe that it definitely holds potential. If you enjoy Minecraft, RPGs, or this style of game, Block Story is definitely something to keep your eye on. Adventure awaits!

By Davis Wiitala - 05/14/14
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