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Brothers Discuss E3 2002

E3 is an amazing experience. Every year, the real greatest show on Earth dazzles industry insiders with games, girls and a whole lot of cool little lighting effects. This year, Keith and I decided to share some of our opinions about the show. We originally intended to have this article done shortly after E3, but well, we're just too lazy. Well, anyway, we finally sat down and, between all the farting, giggling, and games of Halo, we managed to come up with the bit of nonsense you see below; read and enjoy!

Ryan: Dude, this article may be more difficult than I had anticipated. What are we going to discuss?

Keith: Well, Rhuno, we can start by discussing the ups and downs of E3.

Ryan: Good idea, bro. What were some of the general show high points in your opinion?

Keith: Woah, Pony, slow it down! Let's divide the show into categories like companies, games, and girls.

Ryan: Coooooool. Well, I think Nintendo had the best booth by default. With a new Mario, Zelda and Metroid on display in playable form, nobody could touch the Big N.

Keith: I agree there, but let's not forget Nintendo's new GBA Zelda and Metroid as well. Not to mention Star Fox Adventures, Eternal Darkness and the new wireless Wavebird controller. To summarize, yes, Nintendo was untouchable, but which other companies did well, not only with games, but overall booth display as well?

Ryan: I think you have to mention Eidos there. They had a superb booth, and some great games too. Timesplitters 2, Tomb Raider and a new Fear Effect game were all there. Plus, the stage they had set up was cool, and a nice place to sit when not in use. I also thought Tecmo's booth was great. Xtreme Beach Volleyball, Rygar and Ninja Gaiden all looked fantastic.

Keith: Yes, Tecmo and Eidos were both surprisingly excellent booths, particularly Eidos, in my opinion, because Timesplitters 2 was my personal E3 fave. Unfortunately, Squaresoft seemed to have a very lacking booth. A cool design for a booth, I'll admit, but no matter how good Kingdom Hearts is, I simply felt one game was not enough for a great company like Square.

Ryan: Word, dog, Square was a disappointment. It was like they didn't even have their own booth; they were just a small subsection of Sony's. Actually, I felt Sony's entire booth was rather unimpressive; not many big titles to speak of. Square's Final Fantasy XI was okay, but at this point, it's a far cry from the FF games of the past. Also, Sony's big online game SOCOM: Navy Seals is broadband only, so a lot of gamers will be left out in the cold. Ouch.

Keith: That's right, so it's good to see companies like THQ pulling through to fulfill all gamers' needs. Displaying a beautiful Red Faction 2 and Wrestlemania 8, THQ is aiming to please fans of all games. They also provided a list of stars at their booth including Bruce Campbell and Carmen Electra.

Ryan: HA! Bruce Campbell does rule, "Give me some sugar, baby!" Anyway, Red Faction 2 was admittedly good, but the first one looked good too, and ended up being fairly disappointing. Also, the wrestling genre has been pretty stagnant for a few years now. Maybe this one will break the trend, but I wouldn't bet on it. I have much more faith in Capcom's Devil May Cry 2 and Konami's Contra: Shattered Soldier. In fact, the new Contra may be my show favorite... I'll have to ponder this...

Keith: Yeah, yeah, but what did Microsoft have to offer? Or Sega?

Ryan: Sega seemed to rely heavily on sports titles, but their Panzer Dragoon Orta on Xbox consistently drew large crowds. Microsoft's booth was so-so. EA's Buffy the Vampire Slayer looked and played great, and Brute Force looked solid and Capcom's Steel Battalion was cool with that mega-controller. Unreal Championship was the online game for Xbox, but again, it's broadband only. Oh, and the food at E3 is awesome!

Keith: Awesome food?! Prices were comparable to those of theme parks, and the taste was mediocre. Two of my three lunches were accompanied by carbonated water because the soda was running dry. Early bird gets the worm I guess, or the $2.50 cinnamon roll in some cases. But overall, a great showing of games and girls. What do you think?

Ryan: Yes, yes, I was only kidding about the food. The booth babes were definitely sweet this year, but that's practically a given. Oh, and that girl at Sammy's booth was sooo hitting on me!

Keith: Yeah, right. I'll ask her next year if she's there. Well, until then, this is CV-Keith signing off!

Ryan: Oh, I forgot, she said she wouldn't be there next year, so I guess you can't ask (whew!). Anyway, CV-Keith? Man, what a loser. I guess this is the end, thanks for reading!

By Ryan Schaefer - 06/26/02

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