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Capcom Puzzle World (Pre-E3 2006)

Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Genre: Puzzle

Release Date: 02/06/07

capcom_puzzle_world_6.jpgAre you a fan of classic Capcom games? Do you enjoy gaming on the go? Would you like to read yet another Pre-E3 Preview? If so, continue on to find out more on Capcom Puzzle World.

Announced earlier this year, Capcom Puzzle World is being developed and released by Capcom. (Who would have ever guessed that one?) While I still do not understand why Publishers keep putting compilations out on the PSP instead of making new content, I must say that there are some pretty fun games included here. Included games are: Super Puzzle Fighter II, Block Block, and Super Buster Bros.

capcom_puzzle_world_4.jpg capcom_puzzle_world_5.jpg

Super Puzzle Fighter II is one of my favorite puzzle games. Originally it was released for the PSone and then later brought out on the Game Boy Advance. However, this version is the port of the Dreamcast version--only available in Japan on Sega D-Direct. While some of you may be wondering why Super Puzzle Fighter 1 is not included, that game was sadly never made. Capcom, using their funky numbering system, elected to just play off the Street Fighter II name instead.

For the uneducated Puzzle gamers, Super Puzzle Fighter II takes all your favorite Street Fighter II characters, deforms them with cute bodies and big heads, and has them duke it out, against an opponent, while you try to match up the falling blocks. It may sound a bit odd--but it really works and is definitely probably going to make this collection worth picking up.

capcom_puzzle_world_3.jpg capcom_puzzle_world_2.jpg

Super Buster Bros, the only other game playable right now, is the port of the PlayStation games from the series. Players try and take their team of siblings and pop falling balloons.

Block Block, which sadly is not playable right now, should be interesting because it repeats its name twice. Could anything be bad that repeats its name twice? Okay, enough with that. Block Block has players use a paddle to rebound and bounce back to break blocks.

The two games that are playable look, sound, and play very faithful to their original versions. However, I am a bit concerned that all three are not playable right now because Capcom Puzzle World has a release date set for June 2006. But when the final product ships, PSP owners will be able to have Wi-Fi play and have all the games optimized for the 16X9 PSP screen.


Be on the lookout for this title. It will be worth it for Super Puzzle Fighter II alone.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 04/29/06

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