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Celebrity Deathmatch

Developer: Big Ape Productions | Publisher: Gotham Games
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 10/23/03 | Genre: Fighting

I am not a huge fan of MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch. However, the times I have watched it, I have been entertained. With the popularity of the franchise, it was only a matter of time someone decided to make a game out of it. Developer Big Ape Production was given the task by Publisher Gotham Games to recreate the TV Show into a fighter. The end result is one of the most painful and horribly developed titles in years. This game is so bad, it is barely even playable.

Celebrity Deathmatch features several popular icons of our culture. These include Busta Rhymes, all five members of N'Sync, Marilyn Manson, Tommy Lee, Cindy Magolis, Shannen Doherty, Miss Cleo, Jerry Springer, Rony Jeremy, Anna Nicole Smith, Dennis Rodman, and Carmen Electra. Each of these characters is rendered on the screen as they would appear in the Celebrity Deathmatch show as a clay character. They all have their own very limited arsenal of attacks. These attacks include Anna Nicole Smith hitting you with a huge drumstick of meat or sending her little puppy after you. In fact, all characters just have a couple of attacks to use. Despite this game being a fighter, you won't find much depth at all. The moves can all be completed very easily and sometimes you will have better luck mashing buttons than trying to play this game like you would a normal fighter. There are also a few finishing moves in Celebrity Deathmatch. These take the character's personalities and uses it in an exaggerated way. This ranges from being clean and fun to just disgusting. For example, Mr. T. will drop an A Team van on your head but Tommy Lee will play your intestines like an electric guitar. Oh fun!

You will find two different gameplay modes in Celebrity Deathmatch. Yes, you read that right... only two. They are Deathmatch and Episode. There is also a create a celebrity option that allows you to make a fighter. However, with so few options available, you won't be able to have enough varity to find this very useful. On top of that, why would want to waste your time making your own fighter? There just is no point.

Visually, Celebrity Deathmatch is not much to look at. While the game does try to emulate the clay characters from the TV show, it does a poor job in animating them in a way that looks as good as the show. Fortunately, the audio is much better than the visuals, and the gameplay, with the inclusion of Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond. The wisecracks these guys throw provide me with enough entertainment that I didn't kill myself while playing the game. Of course, since this is a bargain title, should we expect much more from the end product? While some may argue that some credit should be given to the developers to create such a low-budget title, I say, if the game isn't any good, who cares how much it is! Avoid this title at all cost... Trust me, you will thank me later on.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 11/19/03
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Mature Humor, Mature Sexual Themes, Violence

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