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Chrono Cross

Developer: Squaresoft | Publisher: Square EA
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 08/15/00 | Genre: RPG

The company of Square soft has been the leader of the RPG industry since the beginning of the video game era. Square is best known for their Final Fantasy Series, which has grown to ten installments (excluding Legends and Adventure, both of which were made by Sunsoft). But back when SNES ruled the console war, Square brought a change that they called Chrono Trigger. Chrono Trigger was made back in 1995 and is selling for $80 even today. CT had gone 5 long years without a sequel until now. An announcement by Square took the gaming industry by storm, and that announcement was Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross takes place in a land called Arni. The game begins with you in a dungeon of mysterious origin, and you are with two people, also of mysterious origin, and you make your way through the level until you get to the top. Then all of a sudden you are in your bed and your mother wakes you up (like in CT) and you go to see your girlfriend. When she sees you, she tells you that she needs six shells for her necklace and when you get them, you need to meet her at the beach. When you meet her you talk for a while, but then unexpectedly you are knocked unconscious and you wake up by your self on the beach. When you return home nobody knows you and a boy died with your name, this is very creepy. However, leave it to Square to make it even weirder as the story progresses.

Nevertheless, the story is not even the best part of the game. The battle system and the rest of the ever-complicated game play are, as weird as it may seem! The battle system in CC is hard to get at first, but once you get it you will agree it is the best out there! There are three types of attacks, Weak, medium, and fierce. To attack your stamina meter needs to be at 1 or greater. You need one SP to use a weak attack, two to use a medium and three to use a fierce attack. Each attack has a percent value. The higher the percent rate is, the better your chances of an attack are. Now into the element part of the battle system, to use an elemental attack you need to allocate your elements. In your inventory, you have spaces where you can put your elements. These places increase as your levels increase; you can have up to eight complete areas of filled elements, but only if you get to level 100! Each element has an area it can go into. The higher you put it on the chart the stronger it will be (Fire 1-7, seven would be the strongest). Then as soon as you equip those you can use them in battle. Elements can heal and even summon creatures. You can only summon if the area meter, on the top left-hand side of the screen, is completely the color of the summon you want to conjure up.

The way the story is moved along in CC will be a little confusing to newbies to the genre. The game is based around time travel and if you are stuck you should do just that. The dialog in CC is kind of choppy and confusing, especially with Kid and Harley. I am not saying it is only they but they are the worst.

The graphics in Chrono Cross are the best of any PSX game out there. The 2D pre-rendered graphics are the best in the biz and the character models are topnotch. The CG cut scenes are beautifully done and you can see the emotion the characters are trying to convey.

The best sound track in a game is right here. With the concert and the lively sound track for each level captures the mood of each level and I love the feel you get when you walk into a new area and the sound washes over you. The battle music is good but it really is not anything to talk about.

CC is a great romp into an imaginary land that you never want to leave. With its great game play, awesome story, great graphics, and awesome sound CC is awe-inspiring. If I were you I would rush out to your local EB or Gamestop and get CC, you will not regret it.

By Adam Westenberger - 09/15/01
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