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City Crisis

Developer: Syscom | Publisher: Take Two Interactive
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 07/17/01 | Genre: Action

It's a warm, summer weekday afternoon. The sun is shining brightly without a dark cloud in sight. The city is bustling with activity as usual. Kids and adults alike are having a blast at the local fair, while others are off to work, heading for their week-long vacations or relaxing by the pool with a margarita or two. Everything seems normal, when suddenly, an explosion erupts from a large office building. Flames cover the 12th floor of the building and are quickly infiltrating the floors above it, injuring many people. The sirens are blaring and emergency vehicles are on the way. But it's not enough. They need someone with the latest life-saving equipment and more skills than the average EMT. They need YOU.

Syscom Entertainment has taken the thrill and excitement of being an emergency medical technician and created the ultimate life-saving game for the PlayStation 2 called City Crisis. In City Crisis, your mission is to fly to the nearest fire and put it out as quickly as possible. To get the job done fast and effectively, you control one of three high-tech helicopters powered with a water cannon and a limited amount of water missiles. Along the way, you'll find injured people and their pets caught in the middle of yet another accident. Saving them will reward you with a great big "thank you" and more of the extremely important water missiles. However, the smaller, easy-to-maneuver helicopter holds only three victims, forcing you to land on the helipad much more often, but the Lobster, which has a higher victim capacity, moves slow and is harder to control. Balancing this out, as well as the need to conserve water missiles and save them for stronger flames, is the key to success in City Crisis.

There are also missions that require you to chase a runaway criminal speeding through the city. By following the criminal around town and keeping your searchlight locked onto his vehicle, the police will be able to track and eventually catch him. The longer you keep the searchlight on him, the more points you'll gain and the faster the police will catch him, resulting in a higher rank.

Although City Crisis may sound complex, believe me, it's very easy to get into (and even easier to get hooked on!). The left analog stick moves your helicopter forward, backwards, left and right. Pushing the right stick up or down controls your altitude, while pushing it left or right turns the helicopter in that direction. Circle is the only face button used, which raises and lowers the winch. L1 gives you a speed burst, allowing you to make it to the next emergency site even faster. R1 and R2 launch the water missiles and water cannon respectively.

City Crisis' visuals suit the game well. As stated above, the city is always packed with activity, giving your eyes something to look at while you're searching for more victims to save or rushing to the next emergency site to put out another fire. Everything is nicely modeled, from the many buildings and tiny cars littered throughout the city, to roller coasters and Ferris wheels at the fair, there's a lot of intricate detail to be found in City Crisis.

The most important thing in a video game is how it plays, and I am happy to say that City Crisis plays great. It's the same kind of pick-up-and-play fun experienced in Crazy Taxi and other arcade classics. I really enjoy playing CC and can't get enough of it. Who would have ever thought that extinguishing fires could be this much fun?

By Louis Bedigian - 08/15/01
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