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Crazy Taxi

Developer: Acclaim | Publisher: Acclaim
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 11/17/01 | Genre: Driving

I love playing arcade games. I can spend my 50 cents, get a quick round of gaming excitement and leave satisfied. It seems that Sega really knows how to get me to pump quarters into their arcade titles too. Whether it is trucking in 18 Wheeler, racing against my wife in Episode One Racer or using the force in Star Wars Arcade, I always have a great time with Sega titles. However, if there is one Sega arcade title that is even more enjoyable than the above it would have to be Crazy Taxi.

If you aren't familiar with the Crazy Taxi series, you control a zany, out of control cabbie who is trying to make some cash by getting his riders to their destinations as fast as possible. If you jump off ramps, cut through traffic, or excite your rider without causing damage, then you can receive a tip. Once you drop off your rider, you are paid and it is time to pick up another customer. You will even find people waiting to be picked up at the bottom of the ocean!

This title is almost exactly the same as the Dreamcast version--which is a little disappointing. Also, the GameCube version of Crazy Taxi is identical to the Xbox and PS2 versions... The good news is that this allows gamers to pick up this "crazy" title no matter what console they own. The bad news is that this causes the title to no longer be exclusive to just one console.

If you are looking for a visually stunning title, you better keep looking because Crazy Taxi is plagued by the same graphical problems that were on the Dreamcast: popup and slowdown. You would think that with the power of the GameCube that Acclaim would have corrected these problems. However, it looks like the developers were more concerned with releasing the title on as many consoles as possible instead of fine-tuning the gameplay.

The sound and music are very faithful to the original Dreamcast version and the controls are very good once you get familiar with the button layout. While you can change the buttons, the default is set to: L is brake, R is accelerator, A is to set the forward gears, and B is used to put the car in reverse. Players may also hit the X button to honk the horn when anyone gets in there way.

Like the original, Crazy Taxi is a short experience that needed more features added on to it to make it a classic title. Don't get me wrong, I love racing around the city, looking for more fares... but I really would like to see an additional two or three cities to make the game a little more complete. Despite this, Crazy Taxi is definitely worth a look if you have not experienced it before. However, if you already own another version of have played the Dreamcast version to death, you better pass this cab by and wait for the next one to come your way.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 05/11/02
ESRB Details: Mild Violence, Strong Language

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