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Crossout First Look

Developer: Tangem Games | Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Action

Release Date: Late 2015

One of the games I knew nothing about, at this years E3, was Crossout from Developer Targem Games and Publisher Gaijin Entertainment. Currently being developed, and in Pre-Alpha, Crossout is a Car Combat title that offers a ton of customization, fast matches, and plenty of other areas for players to get involved with by selling blueprints to other players. 

In the demo we were shown, players can begin building with their parts and the only limitation is what they currently have to build with and the height of the garage. Obviously, you can’t build something taller than the garage you are in. Once you have that in mind, will you build something big and bulky, like a tank, that doesn’t handle as well or something small, light, and able to zig and zag around vehicles? That is the tough choice!

Once you have finished building your vehicle, you better test it before shooting others. The game will create a copy and let you drive it out of the garage and battle against bots. Once you get some time out behind the wheel, you can then make necessary adjustments. Is the vehicle a bit light, does it handle funny one one side, or do you need to just go back to the drawing board?

Once you are satisfied with what you have built, players can hop into the action.  Each match will last roughly 3 to 5 minutes.  Players can continue battling it out as they shoot and cut out enemy drivers.  You can shot or have your tires shot out but keep going. The only big limitation is your cockpit. Once it is destroyed, game over.  

During our brief demo time, I was told that there are plans to have players trade car parts, sell fully built vehicles, and even sell blueprints for how to build them. Though they haven’t decided yet, it does appear likely this will be able to be sold for real money with a cut of each sale going to both Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment. These are decisions that will be made later on in development.

Crossout reminded me of what a MMO of Twisted Metal could be. Though the game currently is not available, they will be entering a closed Beta later this summer with a planned release for late 2015. Though you may have never heard of Crossout, it looks like it will be a lot of fun and we can’t wait to get our hands on the beta when it is made available on their website

By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/29/15

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