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Cruis'n Velocity

Developer: Graphic State | Publisher: Midway
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 11/30/01 | Genre: Driving

Continuing their line of poor Game Boy Advance titles, Midway brings gamers Cruis'n Velocity--a game so bad that it comes close to matching the horrific gameplay of NFL Blitz 20-02 for the GBA and Cruis'n the USA for the Nintendo 64. If you have had the opportunity to try either of these titles, you will know that Midway's latest release, Cruis'n Velocity, is in a select company of some of the worst titles ever made. If you are intrigued to hear more about how bad this title is, read on...

At first glance, Cruis'n Velocity appears to be a decent title. For a handheld game, the graphics are decent--but not spectacular. The cars move at a decent framerate but the backgrounds do not. If you have ever played one of those cheap handheld games they used to sell at stores like Wal-Mart, you will better understand how horrible the backgrounds move in relation to the rest of the game.

The controls are just as bad. What in the world could the developers have been thinking to release a game that this unplayable. At every corner, I struggled to stay on the track. If I was successful it was not skill that got me through the turn--but luck. *Note to self: If you ever develop a racing title, don't make the player rely on luck to get passed turns* Lets think about this realistically for a moment... if you are not able to get passed the first track without throwing your Game Boy Advance across the room, you know that the developers rushed out this title faster than an order at Taco Bell.

To sum it up, this game is bad... real bad. While it avoids an F rating (by the skin of its teeth), you should by no means "rush out" and pick this one up. Only the most committed fan of the Cruis'n series will be able to tolerate this Cruis'n Velocity. The rest of us should just be content with Mario Kart and F-Zero until something better comes around...

By Kaleb Rutherford - 02/20/02

Screenshots for Cruis'n Velocity

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