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Crysis (Post-E3 2006)

Developer: Crytek | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: First Person Shooter

Release Date: 11/13/07

Everyone took notice of developer Crytek because of the beautiful water and jungle graphics seen in Far Cry. People kept talking because the both Far Cry's indoor and outdoor FPS action was pretty amazing.

Crysis features very detailed textures and effects. There will be more beautiful landscapes too.

Their new game, Crysis looks even more beautiful, showing off their new CryENGINE 2 software technology, but I started take notice of Crysis when I heard about the interesting story line. Set in the near future, a large asteroid slams into a Pacific island. Both North Korea and the United States flex military muscle, attempting to control the island and whatever value the asteroid may hold. As tensions mount, the rival nations are compelled to work together when a huge alien craft breaks out of the asteroid. I'm not sure what the aliens want yet, but they're definitely not friendly.

Crysis There will be a variety of environments.

Some of the gameplay will be similar to Far Cry. You'll certainly do some running around the jungle, hiding behind foliage while shooting at enemies. However, there will a variety of other environments as well. One of the not-so-nice things that the aliens are up to is messing with the climate of the island. They've frozen certain parts of it, and that change in terrain is going to affect the FPS gameplay. Destructible environments will also be an important part of the gameplay. Things like trees or formations of ice break apart when you shoot them up. For instance, you could take out a small group of enemies by shooting down some large branches and making them fall on their heads (I really hope there are coconut trees in this game).

The main character has high-tech armor. What that means for the player is special abilities. You'll be able to direct power to certain parts of the suit to gain advantages. For instance, if you need to retreat, you can send extra power to the leg armor and it will help you run faster. If you're about to take on a group of aliens, divert energy to the active armor; it'll reduce the amount of damage you take.

Crytek is getting famous for jungles. Crysis won't be lacking in eye candy.

Crytek is hoping players will have more fun playing their own way this time around. There will be multiple ways to complete mission objectives, and what you do will have consequences that will affect what situations present themselves later in the game.

Aside from better graphics and physics, Crytek is also promising better AI and multiplayer. The technology in Crysis is amazing, and demo showed off promising gameplay as well. Crytek hopes to get the game out before the holidays, but a date has not been set yet.

By Andrew Thivyanathan - 06/09/06
ESRB Details: Blood, Strong Language, Violence

Screenshots for Crysis (Post-E3 2006)

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