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Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs

Developer: Mythic Entertainment | Publisher: Mythic Entertainment
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 12/07/04 | Genre: MMO

Well, finally Mother Nature has decided to let me play Mythic's "Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs." Upon receiving the "Catacombs" expansion, I quickly installed it only to not be able to play because of work. Well, as soon as I sit down for a long day of playing, Mother Nature has to start in and just kill my excitement. We have an ice storm that knocks out power, cable and internet for FIVE days. Talk about torture. Of course, power is the first thing restored. Cable and internet came a day later. So, it was off to the races to play, and let me tell you, I was impressed.

I didn't know if it was the extra days of waiting or if Mythic has cranked out a great expansion. With the retuning of the graphics engine, I was delighted to see each character get a make over. You have to admit, some of the characters needed an overhaul, and that is what they got. This is not to overshadow the new toons that have come into our MMORPG world. At this moment, I can not talk about these new creatures since I wanted to see what new things were in the "Catacombs."

I am currently leveling a necromancer and so I will be looking at the changes for existing toons. As I said, the graphics look great. Each character now has a new appeal through their looks as well as some of the mobs that you face. This has been something that Mythic has not fallen short on. Ok, enough about the graphics, one can see these changes easily, now it is time to talk about the "meat" of the game.

I must give props to Mythic for introducing Obelisk's as another way to go back to main cities. This definitely cuts down on travel time which is a big joy kill. Thanks Mythic, now if we can only get more of them or the ability to either control the horse or take short-cuts with the horse, which would be a major bonus. But that is not at hand right now, back to the Catacombs.

I like how Mythic has selected a toon from each realm and focused on them. In Albion, for example, we go into the lair of the Inconnu, so we go underground from the fair city of Camelot. Along with the Inconnu's lair, we have also been given special areas just for you or your group. These area's are called instances and they do a great job of catering to the individual or a group. One does not have to worry about people camping out the dungeons or anything like that. These Instances are either Task or Adventure oriented.

Task instances are for the individual and have a 2 hour time limit. This is good for those slow nights where it is hard to get groups or for times you just want to forget those who would seem to just want to see you die. The Adventure instances are for your groups to go and have your own private dungeon in which you can move through and not have to worry about others cramping your style. Now here is some unfortunate problems with these instance arenas, they are too small for most casters. Yes, I said they are small, so be prepared for melee. Many times, I have had to take damage with my necro's servant (servant level 23) because there just isn't the room to get off a lot of casts. But, don't be discouraged, there is still enough room to get in some good shots and the ability to kill any mob.

Another kill joy with the Task instances are that they can quickly become the hot spot and detract from groups. Though this will not stop groups from forming and having fun, it can take your friends away until they are ready to return. This is a minor problem since many have still seemed to want to tear things up in groups.

When you get drops, most of the time you get coin and the occasional armor or weapon. This is all the normal goods, but something new is Aurulite. This is much like the seals dropped in Darkness Falls which allows you to buy armor and weapons. These items are well worth the time that you spend collecting the aurulite.

Over all, I must say that I give Mythic an "A" for what Mythic has given their customers. I look forward to forging my way deeper into the depths of the "Catacombs" to see what lies ahead while continuing to bring you updates on what Mythic has done. If anyone is waiting or skeptical about buying this expansion, take the plunge and get it. It won't disappoint you.

By Lawrence Filler - 02/16/05
ESRB Details: Violence

Screenshots for Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs

Dark Age of Catacombs: Catacombs

Feel the Magic: XY/XX