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Def Jam Vendetta

Developer: Aki Corp. | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 03/31/03 | Genre: Action

Def Jam Vendetta is a wrestling game from EA Big, the makers of SSX, NBA Street, and many other great games. Def Jam is a wrestling game like the Wrestlemania series and just like most WWE titles with the style of all EA Big games. The difference is the wrestlers and the music. The wrestlers are made up from all the rappers and
wannabes on the Def Jam label. The music is all songs arranged by their artists...
Hence the title... They have your typical modes in a wrestling game, the single player storyline, the multiplayer modes, and a photo gallery of extremely hot girls dressed trashy
(cough....strippers...excuse me, something in my throat).

Multiplayer has your typical tag team and elimination mode which is last man standing and a few other modes but what really unlocks all the rings, costumes, and wrestlers is the story mode. Unless you use the codes (your only cheating yourself). The story mode begins where manny is broke and owes D-mob (head boss) money so you are manny's friend and you come out of retirement to make Manny some money so he doesn't get iced by D-mob. Along the way you get money for every win and you use this money to buy better attributes and make your wrestler stronger and faster, etc. The other thing you can do is use your money to unlock the pictures of your lady friends (see description
above) who accompany you to the ring. Its worth do it. The story is actually
pretty good. It is quite a bit better than the crap WWE is putting out now. Oh Rock, how far you've fallen... Anyway, now to break Def Jam down.

The controls which make or break a button masher game like this are the most important part of the game and Def Jam's controls are excellent. It's easy to play, hard to master and the computer is cheap as heck... Just the way it should be. Camera angles could be a little better, if the character has its back to you and it zooms in you can't see whether they are throwing a punch or trying to lock up (both can be reversed). Special moves are incredible. The moves are similar to your favorite superstars but with a violent twist that is satisfying like in a Mortal Kombat sort of way. Where you sit back and enjoy the mayhem you have created.

Now the bad. Where is the Create a Wrestler feature? This game screams for it. I wanted to make the beastie boys and take on ludicrous and DMX for the title. The music is extremely good but limited. When you are playing through the story mode you start to zone it out because it repeats A LOT. There should have been some more mulitplayer options with ladder match and other possibilities. Last complaint, I promise. There were no weapons not even a steel chair. This game screams for me to hit Redman over the head with a chair. These are minor improvements that will be made in the next version. And hopefully there will be another one.

This game, without its minor flaws, could have been the best wrestling game ever but like most games its not perfect. It's still a must buy. If you a wrestling gamer I am sure you already have your copy and all the pictures of the ladies opened up... I do.

By Matt Smith - 05/05/03
ESRB Details: Strong Language, Strong Lyrics, Suggestive Themes, Violence

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