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Destiny First Look

Developer: Bungie | Publisher: Activision
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: FPS

Release Date: 2014

Information on Destiny has been quite scarce, and unfortunately, even now, at E3, it is still fairly scarce. But, what we do have, now, is gameplay footage, and a bit of an idea for what the game holds in store. Bungie has stepped out on a limb, making this game - A pretty major deviation from their usual niche. Though they are, as we might see it, a little ‘out of their element,’ I believe, that even with as little info we have on the game, at this point, Destiny looks quite promising.

Destiny’s core component is cooperative PvE play. But, one always has the option to play alone, if that is your preference. Though you can play alone, from what we’ve seen and heard, so far, you will often encounter other players, throughout Destiny - Whether you teammate up with them, ignore them, or stand and watch as they get shredded to pieces, mocking them, is all completely your choice (As tempting as the latter option may be, I don’t personally suggest it).

As I said before, Bungie has definitely been doing a good job of keeping everything under wraps, and are not revealing much. What we can discern, so far, is that there will be some sort of class, and weapon leveling system - In the case of the weapons, leveling the weapon up will grant it new attributes, such increased fire rate, or rounds that pierce, and go through targets, and/or explode on impact.

From the footage we’ve been able to see, here at E3, suggests that there will be a wide variety of enemies to fight, and I can imagine that even more will be added, as time goes on. Same can be said for the weapons that you will find throughout the world - Some will fire regular rounds, whereas as others may fire elemental rounds, i.e. electrical rounds, fire round, etc.

The atmosphere, to me, is quite reminiscent of the Halo games (As you might figure), along with Warframe, and some elements of Borderlands. The scenery in this title, though, is absolutely gorgeous! You can tell that the Development team really took the time to create a fully immersive experience.

I wish I could tell you more about the game, but, as of right now, there really isn’t much that can be said - As info is limited. But, this is definitely a game that you should keep your eye on - As it holds great potential.

By Davis Wiitala - 06/14/13

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