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Deus Ex

Developer: Ion Storm | Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 03/25/02 | Genre: FPS

So you take a little of the real world, a little conspiracy, amazing graphics, award winner Warren Spector, and one tough nano-agent, and you get Deus Ex. And that is only just scratching the surface.

You are Agent JC Denton, working for UNATCO (the United Nations Anti Terrorist Coalition) which by the way is a real government agency. So here you are, rescuing priceless virus vaccines, knocking off some terrorists that get in the way, when all of a sudden you get a message from a "trusty source" that your brother is in trouble. And then BAM!! The biggest twist since the presidential election (go nader). But dont worry, I wont ruin the REALLY BIG SURPRISE for you.

Now on to the technical part of the game. Deus Ex uses a modified version of the Unreal Engine. It requires a 300MHz Pentium 2 or AMD Athlon processor, a voodoo 3D card (which you better get soon cause Nvidia is buying out 3dfx), and a hellalot of memory (saved games can get up to 30 something megs!!!) Unfortunately for me I just barely made the cut and boy am I glad I did.

Lets talk about some MODS. For those of you who arent completely lost by now, this is where it gets confusing. There are around 15 mods in development right now, which is cool because each one of them is made by different people working for different companies with completely different takes on the game. These mods range from the aftermath of the pending events to (get this one) a Deus Ex skateboarding mod. Watch out Tony Hawk cause JC Denton will blow your ass right out of that 540 Varial. These mods are another great reason to get DE.

Now here's the downside, and yes every game does have a downside. This game will only work properly with every las one of the minimum requirements. This means if you have lets say a 266Mhz PC (poor man) with an ATI Video card, You are so damn screwed. Not only that, but this baby eats up memory faster than you can say; man this voice acting sucks!!

But in conclusion, aside from the demanding requirements, the mediocre AI and voice acting and the hours of patience needed to sit through being killed because of the slow framerates. This game is a definite must have for any action, RPG and first person shooters fan. Deus Ex shouts Game of The Year in every language possible.

By Bob Lubow - 02/22/02
ESRB Details: Animated Blood, Animated Violence

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