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Diablo III Console Version First Look

Developer: Blizzard | Publisher: Blizzard
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Action/RPG

Release Date: 2013 PS4 Launch Title?

At the PlayStation 4's First Reveal Event, in New York, Blizzard surprised everyone in attendance when Blizzard came on stage to reveal that Diablo III is coming for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Frank Pearce, Co-Founder of Blizzard said this:
"Now that Diablo’s out of the bag, I just want to say that we’re stoked to be bringing Diablo III over to PlayStation. We got our start in console games, and a bunch of us, myself included, have been looking forward to this day for a very long time.
We’re putting a lot of work into doing Diablo III right for PS3 and PS4. All of the upgrades we’ve made to the PC version since launch will be included. On top of that, we’re completely redeveloping the interface, controls, and camera so that the traditional Diablo hack-and-slash, loot-collecting, dungeon-crawl feels natural and fun with a controller in your hands.
I know a lot of people will have a lot of questions about the game, and we look forward to getting into all of that as development progresses. For now, I just want to say thanks to all of you who kept pushing us to get back to console, and please come check out the game at PAX East if you’re in Boston in late March."

Diablo III is already up and running on the PlayStation 3 and apparently looking very good. Even better, you will be able to play 4 player co-op, on a single Television in this exclusive version of Diablo III.

The bigger part of the announcement was that Sony and Blizzard had entered into a "special relationship to take over the world!" Does this mean we might see World of WarCraft or "Project Titan" on PlayStation 4 in the future?

We will have to wait for PAX East to learn more.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 02/21/13

Screenshots for Diablo III Console Version First Look

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