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DMC Reboot Sees E3 Debut

Developer: Ninja Theory | Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1 Player Game | Genre: Action

Release Date: 01/15/13

In a closed doors meeting with Capcom and Ninja Theory we were given one of the first real presentations of the new Devil May Cry reboot.  With many devoted fans of DmC upset with with the foulmouthed, edgy and young 20-something Dante -- we at CVgames had a few reservations about where the series was going in tone.  


Initial hands-on show a few departures for the series.  Gone is the traditional gothic European look of many levels.  Welcome to a much brighter color pallet and modern world.  The closed doors demo started in a world where demons are seated in the higher rung of our society.  In modern times demons have infiltrated and corrupted politics, banking, and wormed their way into the fabric of our social lives.  The boss Dante is hear to beat was a club owning female demon who has possessed the local humans. 


Obvious in a game that is acclaimed for its frantic massive combo, is the missing lock on.  No lock-on when juggling enemies seems to take a bit of the strategy out of the game but Ninja Theory assured us that the games subtle in game lock-on AI will handle much of the work for us, and assures that there will be plenty of strategy going on while you play.  Why auto-locking AI?  Because they are  implementing a new battle shifting between light and demon weapons that will have gamers utilizing every button on your controller.  You will be too busy with the need to swap your abilities to get passed the games challenges.  Enemies and level mechanics are the drivers that will have you changing Dante’s skills.   Particular demons require particular skills in order for a speedy takedown.


Game level wise, DmC is the same fairly linear levels  as the series always had - enter a area, area closes off becoming an arena, and baddies spawn that all must be killed before you can move on, repeat till you hit the levels boss.  Its a formula that is of little matter because your not here for great level design, your hear for the challenging change up combat and combos.  Other then your weapon swapping powers needed, enemies of the game seems to be your standard Devil may Cry cannon fodder, with the odd mini bosses that for you to concentrate all your abilities to progress.


Honestly though, it didn't really feel like a DmC game until Dante has a full heat gadget from killing mobs that, when executed, goes into ‘demon mode’ and becomes the white haired recognizable badass that we are more used to seeing.  Executing this mode fills your health gauge, speeds up your attacks, and boots overall damage for a short period of time.  Because this game is a prequel of a younger Dante, his journey from a dark haired young man to what he is in more recognizable games is the heart of the story.


Capcom tells CVgames that DmC level design and plot have been completed, and that the game is now in the final polishing stage.  Expect to see DmC on store shelves 15 January 2013.

By Dominick Fleres - 06/06/12

Screenshots for DMC Reboot Sees E3 Debut

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