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Driving Emotion Type S

Developer: Escape | Publisher: Squaresoft
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 01/29/01 | Genre: Driving

Playing Driving Emotion Type-S for the first time is like having your first Chalupa: everything looks good until you take a bite. If you could simply depress the X button and never touch the analog stick, this game wouldn't be so bad. But the second your thumb takes the wheel, the artificial flavor sets in, immediately sending you to the bathroom.

A game is only as good as it plays, and Type-S plays like crap. The controls are so horrendous that half the time you can't even make a wide turn without spinning out. You skid so much that you'd think you were driving on ice, when in actuality you're on dry pavement. Not even an oil spill stands in your way, yet still, controlling your vehicle is a nightmare.

Track design is pretty generic. There are only so many ways you can make a left or right turn interesting. I know -- let's make one left turn really sharp, and a right turn really wide! That just doesn't cut it. Maybe this is why they were reluctant to solidify an American release date; they wanted to avoid the wrath of angry gamers for as long as possible.

If I were to grade the graphics solely on the Urban Highway course, I'd give it a B-. Every other course, however, is barely worthy of a D. Urban Highway offers quite a spectacle of lighting effects, but it's used in unhealthy amounts, resulting in a very cheap looking glare. Maybe this was intended to add to the realism, for that to be the case though; Type-S would have to be a realistic game to begin with.

Type-S' music is not the deep, heart-felt compositions Square usually brings us. Instead you're treated to a soundtrack made up of Emotionless techno ditties lacking the memorable qualities that stand out in Final Fantasy, Parasite Eve, and Chrono Cross.

I really don't understand the point of Driving Emotion Type-S. The name is ridiculous and it plays so horrible, it's likely to tarnish the much loved company that used to be known for creating classic after classic. When all is said and done, it becomes very obvious that Square should stick to what it does best: RPGs. I guess this is what Square meant when they said they can't make much money off of "middle-class" properties.

By Louis Bedigian - 08/15/01
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