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Ducktales Remastered Updated Look

Developer: WayForward Technologies | Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1 Player Game | Genre: Platform

Release Date: Summer 2013

E3 is like a hurricane, deep in LA. I’ve seen racecars, lazers, and rode on an airplane. It’s a blur. But I needed to solve a mystery--maybe even rewrite history--seeing Ducktales Remastered. WOOHOOO! Capcom and WayForward Technologies have made my E3 special by having Duck Tales Remastered at E3 2013.

The first thing you will probably notice, in Ducktales Remastered are the graphics. This is not the Ducktales you remember for your youth. (In the case of some of you out there, your parents youth.) The hand drawn artwork and beautifully animated sprites will have you drooling and wishing Disney would release a new TV show or movie of Ducktales.

Next up, the music has been completely redone with an 8 bit touch heard by fans of the original Ducktales game. In fact, the team at WayForward Technologies even created new 8 Bit music for the game before starting on the development of the Ducktales Remastered project. These guys are even more fanatical about Scrooge than me!

Those looking to bounce on Scrooge’s cane will be happy to see that his primary move is still intact. Even better, there is an Easy Pogo mode that allows players to hold down the attack button to start bouncing on your cane like a pogo stick. I, however, don’t recommend straying too far from the original control scheme.

This summer, Ducktales Remastered comes to a PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U near you. Tis a shame the 3DS and PS VIta can’t get any of the Ducktales love. Perhaps this could come in the future?

By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/13/13

Screenshots for Ducktales Remastered Updated Look

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