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Dynasty Warriors 2

Developer: Omega Force | Publisher: Koei
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 10/25/00 | Genre: Action

Dynasty Warriors 2: It's fun, it's exciting and it's unlike most fighters you've seen before. Nine warriors are at your disposal, all featuring various weapons and fighting techniques. For example, Dian Wei uses an axe, effective against large groups of enemies while Lu Xun wields two swords.
The objective is simple; kill the opposing force's leader. Achieving your victory, however, won't be so easy. You must be very aware of your surroundings, making sure that none of your men fall victim to the many groups of enemies trying to hunt you down. If your men continue to deplete, your morale level will continue to drop as well, and if it drops too long, you lose.

Although the entire game can be won using only one of them, every button on the Dual-Shock 2 controller has a purpose. Square, triangle, X and O are used for attacking, a super move attack and jumping, while L1/2 and R1/2 are used to show your opponent's health, zooming in and out on the map, shooting arrows and to center the camera behind your warrior.

Dynasty Warriors 2 is very simple and straight-forward. The single-button attack command allows for anyone to pick it up and immediately start playing. Fighting veterans may find the lack of a deep combo system and only one jumping attack to be a bit shallow. But with so many opponents to take on at once, DW2 still managed to keep me entertained through most of the game.

Sadly though, the entertainment does end. The story is by no means a reason to play through it a second time and the varying weapons and fighting techniques among warriors don't add much replay value either.

The number of warriors is pretty amazing, never before has a console or PC game featured such a high amount of fully rendered characters on screen at once. PlayStation 2 definitely has a lot of polygon pushing power under its hood.

Dynasty Warrior 2's graphic prowess is only lessened by the fact that whenever you move from one area to the next, your allies and opponents disappear into fog while others pop up out of nowhere. This unfortunately cheapens the game, showing just how little Koei was willing to spend on DW2's development.

Music is a bit repetitive; playing the exact same tunes (tunes? I should say "tune" -- I don't remember hearing more than one) over and over again. Thankfully most televisions made in the last 10 or 15 have a mute button, so avoiding this problem should be an easy task. If all else fails, just turn on some Rage Against The Machine and go nuts.

Now the answer to the question you've all been asking: is Dynasty Warriors 2 a must-have game? No, it's not, but it is definitely a must-play game. I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys action. Even if you're not into fighters, you're still likely to find something you like about DW2.

By Louis Bedigian - 08/15/01
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