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E3 2003: Here We Come

I can't believe that it is time for E3 once again. This show marks my sixth visit to the yearly gaming convention. I can still remember the first time I ventured to E3... it was the year the convention moved to Atlanta. I saw Zelda 64 and Metal Gear Solid in their pre-release builds. Each successive year I have gone to the show, not only have I had the chance to view the biggest and best games before they are released, I have gained greater insight to how to better cover the show for you, our readers. This year, we have 10 writers covering the show. This group includes a few newbies and several E3 veterans:

The Editor and Publisher of CVGames who has been with the site since its birth. Kaleb is an E3 veteran who is attending his sixth show. His primary job is to ensure the writers are writing their articles and go to meetings all day.

This Assistant Editor of CVGames, Emily will be assisting Kaleb in daily meetings during the show, editing, and approving articles. This is Emily's third show.

Ryan is our Microsoft Content Editor. He will be covering anything and everything related to Xbox. Ryan has attended multiple shows.

Keith is a contributing writer at CVGames who will be assisting Ryan in covering all Xbox titles. Keith has attended multiple shows.

Andrew is our Nintendo Content Editor and has attended multiple E3 shows. He will be covering titles related to GameCube and the Game Boy Advance.

This year is Jared's first show. He will be assisting Andrew in covering the GameCube and GBA titles.

Dominick is our graphics guru and has attended multiple E3 shows. He is the man who is primarily responsible for all the graphics you see on CVGames and on the CVGames T-Shirts we wear during E3. Besides working on graphics during E3, Dominick will be taking pictures for our Post-E3 photo album, adding screenshots to games, and covering the Game Boy Advance.

Douglas is fairly new to our staff and this will be his first visit to E3. His task during the show is to cover PlayStation 2 titles.

Peter is making his first trip to E3 this year and will be doing his best to cover PC titles that will be shown during the show.

Antoine used to write for CVGames back in the early days of the web site. He has recently come back on board the staff to help better cover sports titles. During the show, he will be covering all the sports titles shown.

All ten writers are eager to provide you with the ultimate E3 coverage. While we will try to get to as many previews as we can during the show, a few articles won't be done until after E3 is over. However, we will have plenty of Post-E3 coverage. You can locate all of our E3 Coverage on the E3 sidebar button. This will include Pre-E3 articles, our coverage during the show--which includes News, Previews, and Editorials, our Post-E3 coverage, and our E3 Photo Album.

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By Kaleb Rutherford - 05/11/03

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