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E3 2004 Here We Come

This year marks my seventh trip for the annual E3 event. Every year, journalist, developers, publishers, and gamers who manage to sneak in, journey to LA to see what is new in the gaming industry. It is at E3 where we see new titles in development, hear major announcements, see wars between the “Big Threeâ€? console manufacturers go on, and it is our job at CVGames to cover all of this and deliver it to you in an easy to read format. The task of covering E3 is not at all easy, but we promise to work our butts off to deliver you the coverage you seek.

Years ago, before CVGames was dynamic, we had a difficult time providing you coverage. Since few websites used a database back then, our job was very hard. However, now that the Internet has matured, it has given us the ability to sort data and filter it. Last year, we launched a new E3 section that has been copied by several other gaming sites. However, this year we have modified it to make it a bit simpler. Instead of separating our E3 coverage into Pre-E3, E3, and Post-E3 sections, we now have an E3 News section, E3 Previews section, and E3 Editorials section that will include all of Pre-E3, E3, and Post-E3 stories. We hope you find this layout to be helpful in reading the information you are seeking about the show. You can access our E3 section by clicking on the link on our menu navigation bar from the left side of the screen.

We are expecting a killer show this year with the upcoming releases of the Nintendo DS and PSP units. While we don’t anticipate any other new consoles from the “Big Three,â€? I expect this E3 will go down in history as the “Handheld War.â€?

We have several writers attending the show this year. Included below are the individuals who have attended the show before. These include:
Kaleb Rutherford, Editor & Publisher
Emily Rutherford, Assistant Editor
Andrew Thivyanathan, Nintendo Content Editor
Antoine Byrd, Sports Editor
Jared Cook, Contributing Writer

These writers and the rest of the staff at CVGames covering the show are looking forward to delivering you the excellent E3 coverage you have come to expect from us. Please be sure to keep coming back to our E3 section as we will be updating it often throughout the week of E3. We also are planning to continue our coverage until June 20. This will ensure we can get you as many previews as possible. Thanks for reading and get ready--the fun is just about to start!

By Kaleb Rutherford - 05/09/04

Screenshots for E3 2004 Here We Come

Microsoft Pre-E3 Press Conference

Jared's E3 2004 Predictions