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The E3 2004 Virus

This year, our coverage of E3 was a little bit lacking during the show. However, there is good reason for this. Most of our staff at the show caught was is now referred to as "The Deadly E3 Virus." It starts slowly and soon attacks press trying to cover the show.

The show was going great and we were all having a really good time. E3 2004 appeared to be the best E3 show since the GameCube and Xbox were first shown on he show floor. Then I came across Resident Evil 4. Now there is nothing particularly wrong with RE4. The game is very solid and appears to be potentially the best entry in the series since the original Resident Evil on the PlayStation. However, during this time spent with Capcom, I contracted some sort of virus. For some reason, I was ammune to it and I was not showing any symptoms. However, soon after that first day, Andrew became very ill and had to miss the show. Then on the last day of the show, while Andy slowly attempted to retun, Jared and Emily both got very ill and missed the final day of E3.

While this strange virus did keep the majority of my staff away from the show--thus affecting the number of articles we had up, I am still researching the origin of this virus. Did another publication become jealous of our incredible E3 coverage and try to ensure we would have fewer articles up for E3 2004?

Despite these concerns, I now believe that Resident Evil 4 is such a realistic and incredible experience that we contracted some mutated form of the T-Virus. So play RE4 with caution when it is released.

Now that the virus has run its course, we will bring you all of the normal coverage we had planned for you during our Post-E3 coverage.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 05/16/04

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E3 2004 Best of Show

Microsoft Pre-E3 Press Conference