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E3 2005 Best of Show (Andrew)

Here are my picks for the best items shown at E3 2005:

1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, GameCube

Though I'm a huge Nintendo fan, I almost didn't put this at the top of my E3 list. Zelda wasn't that exciting to me because it's what I expected and not many new game mechanics were shown in the demo. That said, I think Twilight Princess will be my favorite game of the year. The fact that it was what I was expecting says good things as I had high expectations for the game. The horse battling and music were my favorite points of the E3 demo. Out of all of the things I saw at E3, Twilight Princess certainly wasn't surprising, but it does look like it will be my Game of the Year come the end of 2005.

2. Okami, PlayStation 2

I don't even usually pay much attention to PS2 games at all. Okami is really something special for me to put it on my best of E3 list. The game is absolutely beautiful. Cel-shading is used to create a virtual oil painting on the screen to great effect. I love the style. Of course, the gameplay is interesting too. Playing as a wolf feels great and I love the idea of painting things into the game to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

3. Burnout Revenge, PlayStation 2, Xbox
I guess you could call me a Burnout junkie. Even so, I was a little put off when Burnout 4 was first announced. I was worried that EA was trying to squeeze a quick sequel out of Criterion. I should have known better. After playing Burnout Revenge, I can't wait to get my hands on the final game. There were several awesome new features in the E3 demo that further change and enhance the Burnout gameplay, and there are still other features that Criterion and EA haven't talked about yet. I love Criterions crazy brand of speed and destruction.

4. Black, PlayStation 2, Xbox

It's hard for me to describe why Black has me so excited. It's a First Person Shooter. I can say what it's not. You don't play a character with superpowers, alien weapons, spy gadgets, or vehicles to drive. Criterion has set out to do for shooters what they did for racers with Burnout: define their own unique gameplay in the genre. They're going to do it without sticking in abilities and features that go beyond what a shooter is. They want to make the shooting part exciting by itself. Black features an awesome amount of realism and over-the-top action at the same time. A key element is the destructibility of the environment. This allows for many exciting possibilities and differing experiences when replaying the same levels. What I saw was only a 25% complete, five minute demo of the game. Though I suppose things could change when more of the game is shown, that was enough to get me really excited right now.

5. Nintendo goes online
This is a bit of a cop-out since Nintendo announced this before E3, but there were still some new details to be had at the show. There are a bunch of great Nintendo franchises I can't wait to play online on my DS and Revolution. The most exciting announcement was that a Super Smash Bros. sequel is targeted for the launch of Revolution, and it will have online multiplayer. Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing DS will also be awesome online. There are now tons of possibilities for future DS and Revolution games that have opened up because Nintendo is finally going to have a real online gaming network. maybe I'll care about Mario Party again. What kind of crazy stuff could they come up with for an online Wario Ware game? Maybe it will bring more third parties back to Nintendo during the next gen.

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  • By Andrew Thivyanathan - 05/22/05

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