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E3 2005 Best of Show (Antoine)

I feel very strongly about being able to actually play the games I choose as Best of Show. So if the title wasn't playable, I did my best to look past it as a candidate for Best of Show. Here are my top five picks for Best of Show at E3 2005:

1. Call of Duty 2, PC, Xbox 360

At number 1 I have Call of Duty 2 for the PC and Xbox 360. For those who saw this game at the show they will probably agree with me. When I saw this game, my jaw dropped all the way to the floor. Call of Duty 2 is so realistic, you can feel the bullets whizzing past your head. The lighting affects, sound, player models, and the way the smoke stays in the background affecting your vision after a grenade or a bomb blows up, make this title look and feel very realistic. I can't begin to tell you how much I want to play this game once it's released. I'm telling you people, this is a definite must have in your Xbox 360 or PC library.

2. Madden 06, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube

At number 2 I put down madden. What can I say about this game? They always find a way to improve it. This year they are adding in a feature called passing vision. I absolutely love this addition because it actually makes the user take the time to scan the field for an open receiver. No longer will you be able to just hike and throw the ball. If you do that--sure enough it will get picked off. That is of course unless your Peyton Manning and the vision cone is actually the whole field!

3. Need for Speed Most Wanted, Xbox 360

I put Need for speed most wanted for the 360 at number 3. Most gamers who saw this title at the show had an absolute blast playing it. The graphics were top notch and that's a good thing seeing as how the game is far from complete. EA said they would continue to tweak and improve the visuals as the release date draws closer. Most wanted also handled very well and some of the features available makes it that much more fun to play. Look for this game when the Xbox 360 is released.

4. NBA 2K6, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360

At number 4, I chose NBA 2K6. EA didn't have a playable version of Live anywhere to be seen. This was very disappointing to me because EA really need to show to me that they can compete with Sega's ultimate Basketball franchise. The guys at Visual Concepts just seem to make a superior product every year. NBA 2K6 is no exception. This game is very polished--even at this early build. Prepare for the ultimate Basketball simulation later this year. When the Xbox 360 version arrives, prepare to be even more amazed.

5. 24, PlayStation 2

The reason why i chose 24 for my number five slow is that it is a different type of game than any I have played in a long time. Just like the TV show of the same name, you play as Jack Bauer. Your job is to try and thwart another terrorist act in the city of LA. What I liked so much about this game is you have to do different things like interrogate witnesses. This is definitely a title to keep your eyes out on.

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  • By Antoine Byrd - 05/21/05

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