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E3 2005 Best of Show (Dominick)

For the first time in two years, I was able to attend E3. Being gone for so long has given me a new appreciation for this massive yearly event and makes me promise to myself that I won't miss out on any more shows in the future. This year's show featured the new home consoles more than new and innovative titles. Unfortunately, most of the better games shown on the new consoles and the current consoles were only available to be seen behind closed doors. You can consider May of 2005 the 샡lm before the storm.ith the new consoles just around the corner, next year's E3 should be a much different story than this year's. Here are my top five picks of this year's show:

1. The Zelda Booth

My number one pick isn't even a game, or something that most people would consider to be the best thing at E3 2005. However, I got a huge kick out of Nintendo's Zelda booth. Sure, it could have been my 2 and a half hour wait in line that had me screaming for something new, but I think the two room layout was really fantastic. It featured a forest, an interactive pond projected on the floor, and nifty animated puppets similar to what you would see at a ride at Disneyland. Nintendo really put some love into this booth for its diehard fans... The game is real good too!

2. Spore, PC

In the simplest of terms, Spore is a sim title. However, this one is a lot cooler than watching a naked person pee on him or herself. This game is all about evolution--an adventure that challenges you to take a cell and help it evolve into a creature that can conquer not only a world but space itself! You begin as a tiny little guy floating around in some goo, devouring green cells, and avoiding all of the other colors (that can probably eat you). After you reach a certain stage your "cell" will lay an egg. This brings up the game's creature editor--an easy to use system that's powered by complex technology. With this tool you're basically able to give your creature its first shape. As your creature evolves, so does the gameplay. Boosting interstellar travel and CIV-like warfare, Spore is going to keep PC gaming around for a long time to come!

3. Hellgate: London, PC

The FPS genre has been moving in a kind of rut for a while, but with Flagship Studio's 쥬lgate due later this year you can expect some interesting play dynamics. An RPG-like equipment and upgrade system makes weapons even more deadly. Add that to a compelling backdrop of Demons taking over London and Randomly generated city maps that are seamless...

4. Game Boy micro

The new Game Boy Micro is thinner than a cell phone and looks like a cross between an iPod Shuffle and the old GAME & WATCHs. The tiny silver metal Micro measures a mere 4 inches wide, 2 inches tall and 0.7 inches deep, allowing it to sit comfortably in you pocket with most of your other gadgets. Definitely one to look out for when it releases later this fall.

Battlefield 2, PC

EAs capitalizing on the popular dessert combat mod for 1942 by developing a sequel. Featuring strong squad based gameplay and some of the best water/special effects I'v ever seen, Electronic Arts is looking to release the next king of the LAN party early this summer.

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  • By Dominick Fleres - 05/21/05

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    E3 2005 Best of Show (Emily)

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