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E3 2005 Predictions

Sony will give a few details about PlayStation 3 at their press conference. We will get to see a concept of what the console will look like, be shown some amazing video footage, and be told that no release date or price will be given at this time. Sony will say that the footage shown is less than 10% of the power of PS3. We will be told that the PlayStation 2 still has many more years of life left.

Sony will not have the PS3 anywhere at their booth or behind closed doors.

Sony will compare the new Xbox console to how the industry accepted the Dreamcast.

Sony will announce a price drop for PlayStation 2 to $99.99. If the price drop does not happen during E3, Sony will drop the price of the PS2 when the next-generation Xbox is released.

The PSP will be released in a lower priced package that will not come with a memory card, carrying case, or Spider-Man 2 UMD.

Sony will announce victory in the handheld wars with the PSP sales and announce several new titles from popular franchises. Sony will show how the industry is choosing to develop for the PSP rather than the Nintendo DS.

Due to the popularity of the browser hack, Sony may show off a new browser, keyboard, and software to make the PSP act more like a PDA.

Microsoft will announce that they will continue to support the original Xbox until well into 2007. They will prove this by showing off some incredible new titles like the rumored Half-Life 2 conversion.

We will learn that all of our Xbox titles will be playable on our the new next-generation Xbox console

While the MTV special won't answer all of our questions, Microsoft will almost answer every single detail about why the new console will change the industry. Then they will show a teaser trailer that shows us examples of this.

Microsoft will release the price point and release date for the new Xbox.

There will be several new next-generation Xbox titles shown that will make you very eager to purchase the new console later this year.

Microsoft will try to prove that Sony is making a mistake by not releasing their console sooner rather than later. Microsoft will not even mention Nintendo as a threat.

Because Nintendo Revolution will be backwards compatible with GameCube titles, Nintendo will have no problems showing off several great looking new Cube games.

Nintendo will release a few details about what makes Nintendo Revolution so unique. However, they will not announce a release date and will hint towards fully revealing the console at Spaceworld later this year in Japan.

We will learn the secrets about the new Legend of Zelda title including the official title and what makes this Zelda game unique from the others.

Unlike last year, Nintendo will have so many great Nintendo DS titles shown by themselves and third parties that people will once again see the need to own a Nintendo DS even though the PSP has much better graphics and a beautiful screen.

Nintendo will ignore any questions or comments regarding a new Game Boy.

A version of Palm OS will be shown for Nintendo DS.

Nintendo will finally show off their online plans for Nintendo DS and future consoles. They will also say all of their online services will be free.

While we expect to see very few third parties showing titles for the GameCube, there will be several games shown that will make you want to own a GameCube.

Join us during our E3 coverage to see just how close we were in predicting what will happen at E3 2005 from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 05/09/05

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Kirby: Canvas Curse (Pre-E3 2005)

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