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E3 2009: Live From EA Media Briefing

2:42:25 PM: Getting out of the Microsoft Briefing, to a bus, and trying to get to EA's Media Briefing. Being met by shouts of Keep Moving. Fun times.

2:46:48 PM: Finally on a bus and trying to get to Orpheum. Dominick and me are starving but pressing on.

3:32:27 PM: In line to check in for EA Media Briefing.

3:53:10 PM: We are sitting down at the Orpheum and waiting for the show to begin.

4:12:21 PM: Dante's Inferno is shown with extended trailer from what has been shown. It looks extremely polished and fun.

4:16:49 PM: Sims 3 trailer is shown before a variety of pet games and Charm Club Girl games. The audience is making thus more fun.

4:22:02 PM: Need for Speed Shift is up next and the game plays like a more arcade version of Forza 3. I like what I see.

4:23:10 PM: Dragon Age Origins coming 10/20/09 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

4:24:55 PM: Forgot to mention that EA is giving away a new BMW for the best NFS player at te end of the show Thursday.

4:27:44 PM: The good Doctors at Bioware announce Mass Effect 2 is coming early next year. It looks amazing.

4:33:30 PM: Peter Moore takes stage and is talking Fight Night. Tyson vs Ali gameplay is being shown. Fight night Round 4 coming 6/25/09.

4:34:43 PM: Peter Moore announces EA Sports MMA for 2010. The title has been long rumored and is "well under development."

4:35:29 PM: Tiger Woods is coming this fall to your web browser. No disk and no special controller needed.

4:37:28 PM: EA team builder will allow you to create a team name, logo, stadium, and even details Down to your socks online.

4:41:55 PM: available now for NCAA football. Online franchise mode coming in Madden 10 for PS3 and 360.

4:48:22 PM: Allison Sweeney is on stage to brag about EA Sports Active and they are up to 600,000 units sold. First expansion coming this holiday.

4:49:45 PM: Pete Sampras on stage to show off EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis for the Wii. This title ships this month and supports MotionPlus.

4:52:44 PM: The Saboteur is shown as a sandbox game where you're trying to sabotage the Nazis. The title is in B&W but turns to color as you progress

4:53:52 PM: The Saboteur is coming Holiday 2009.

4:56:35 PM: Tim Schafer on stage to talk about Brutal Legend & how this was his fourteen year old's self dream game to make something about rock n roll.

4:58:28 PM: Ozzy is announced as a character in Brutal Legend by Tim Schafer.

5:02:35 PM: Jack Black has over 2,600 lines in Brutal Legend.

5:03:48 PM: Crysis 2 announced for 360, PS3, and PC with the CryEngine 3. More details will be revealed later this year.

5:06:35 PM: EA announces APB, from Real Time Worlds will be Published by EA under Partners label. We have a closed door session with APB this week.

5:09:45 PM: Star Wars The Old Republic is shown off with several lightsabers on stage.

5:11:10 PM: Star Wars The Old Republic is shown off with several lightsabers on stage. This will be the first ever fully voiced MMO.

5:14:09 PM: First trailer for SW The Old Republic being shown.

5:21:06 PM: A cinematic trailer is being shown with what appears to be the Sith and an army of Dark Jedi taking over the Republic. Awesome stuff.

5:22:13 PM: EA ends with Star Wars. Can't wait to see more.

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By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/01/09

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