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E3 2009: Live from Sony Media Briefing

12:31:04 PM: Dominick and me are sitting down on the bus headed to the Sony Briefing. Surprisingly organizes for this large number of people.

12:37:58 PM: Sony if you have some food for us, I will try to kill Mylo or at least hand him a gun to shoot himself out of his misery.

12:45:04 PM: Arriving at the Shrine Auditoriun for the Sony Media Briefing. I have this feeling Sony is going to Wow and Amaze.

1:08:30 PM: We are six rows back for Sony. Media Briefing begins in a few moments.

1:10:58 PM: We are six rows back for Sony. Media Briefing begins in a few moments. 

1:11:59 PM: Sony begins now.

1:12:51 PM: Video trailer rolling for upcoming titles on all platforms.

1:14:09 PM: Jack Tretton is on stage joking about the PSP Go leak.

1:15:31 PM: 364 games coming on all Sony platforms this year. Only PS3 can truly show full 1080P for the demos they are showing.

1:16:49 PM: Sony boasts that this is the best lineup they have ever had.

1:17:25 PM: In 2009 Tretton says if you love games, you need PlayStation.

1:18:26 PM: PS2 at $99 and over 2,000 titles will live far beyond the 10 year life cycle. Over 100 new titles for 2009.

1:20:01 PM: 40% growth year over year growth for PS3. They project that growth will continue at a larger rate in the next year.

1:21:53 PM: Naughty Dog is up talking Uncharted 2 Among Thieves. Multiplayer beta begins tonight.

1:22:43 PM: Uncharted 2 single player looks absolutely stunning in 1080P single player.

1:23:32 PM: This is pure run and gun gameplay and is far beyond what the 360 can do visually.

1:24:13 PM: Drake is battling pirates on foot and a hellicopter shooting at him in the air.

1:25:52 PM: Uncharted 2 is a candidate for game of the show.

1:27:46 PM: MAG is up next and Live Gameplay is being shown. This is a demo of live 256 player gameplay.

1:29:55 PM: Gameplay is standard FPS and Squads make up smaller groups of players. The squad leaders issue commands and players get points for following

1:32:19 PM: Full 256 players will be playable at the Sony booth. MAG ships this fall.

1:32:59 PM: Now Tretton is moving on to the PSP.

1:34:34 PM: Even Tretton is talking Tween games with a pink PSP bundle. Enough with the Tweens!!

1:35:37 PM: Kaz is on stage. Riiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaacer!!!!!!

1:36:46 PM: Sony is now announcing the UMDless PSP Go or the worst kept secret of E3.

1:38:34 PM: 50% smaller and 40% lighter than original PSP. Integrated wiress, wifi, and more features.

1:39:18 PM: Sony announces Media Go to help manage PSP content on your PC.

1:40:22 PM: Development costs are being reduced by 80% to help deliver new content and fight the DS.

1:41:43 PM: All titles will be available as both UMD, in retail, and all titles via the PSNetwork.

1:42:26 PM: Video service available natively on PSP.

1:43:13 PM: PSP Go will retail for $249.99 in the US this year.

1:45:58 PM: Gran Turismo, for PSP is Announced by Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital. This is a full Gran Turismo experience in the palm of your hands.

1:47:27 PM: An Ad-Hoc mode is available for up to four player multiplayer support. There is also the ability to share cars & there are over 800 cars.

1:48:31 PM: Gran Turismo PSP is on the show floor so you can view it. Now a video is being shown of it in action.

1:50:08 PM: Video is standard GT scenes. But I still think the PSP Go is $50 too high.

1:50:53 PM: PSP Go and Gran Turismo PSP will launch on October 1, 2009.

1:53:12 PM: Kojima is on stage to announce Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. This is the true sequel to metal gear.

1:54:31 PM: MGS4 team will develop and Kojima will write, produce, and be heavily involved in Decelopment of Peace Walker.

1:55:35 PM: This should make the story as confusing as possible sine Kojima is writing Peace Walker.

1:57:32 PM: Four snakes shown on the screen at once in trailer.

MGS Peace Walker releases in 2010.

1:59:10 PM: Resident Evil Portable announced for PSP and coming in 2010.

2:00:39 PM: Jack & Daxter is coming to PSP.

2:01:23 PM: Soul Calibur coming to PSP.

2:03:05 PM: PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe and Fat Princess brieflyshown for PSP along with more Tween games.

2:03:48 PM: Tretton back out and more water brought to stage. We may be in for a long briefing today.

2:05:05 PM: Final Fantasy VII coming to PSNetwork as a PSone title.

2:06:41 PM: Tretton is talking about Home and over 100,000 pieces of content purchased. Who is buying this stuff?

2:08:56 PM: Lackluster response from crowd after Home trailer.

2:10:27 PM: Final Fantasy XIII seems to look a lot better on PS3.

2:11:38 PM: Tekken 5 briefly shown for PS3.

2:14:19 PM: PixelJunk Shooter shown off in video trailer.

2:15:19 PM: Agent is announced exclusively for the PS3 from Rockstar.

2:17:43 PM: Assassin's Creed II is being shown on the PS3. The game must not be 1080P because the resolution is not nearly as large ad other PS3 titles.

2:18:46 PM: A flying machine is being shown off and Assassin's Creed II takes place immediately after the original title.

2:20:33 PM: Hiding does not mean you are safe as the ai will hunt you down. Over 30 weapons in game.

2:22:04 PM: AC2 comes this holiday and the game is much larger than the original. There will also be connectivity between PS3 and PSP.

2:24:10 PM: Final Fantasy XIII trailer shown. The game looks and runs much better than 360 version.

2:26:28 PM: Final Fantasy XIV coming 2010 exclusively for PS3.

2:27:47 PM: This is a move back to classic gameplay and is another online title for the franchise.

2:30:08 PM: Sony is mow showing their own motion controller that has a glowing sphere that the PS3 Eye can track.

2:32:42 PM: It looks like a magic wand with a ball on top. You can have the game track your movements perfectly with this Device.

2:33:30 PM: There can be true first person modes with this new device.

2:35:23 PM: They are now showing a building block game with two wands in his hands.

Now they just wrote with a virtual pencil.

2:37:57 PM: Now two wands are in each hand acting as a sword and shield. I can't stress how accurate the movement is.

2:39:15 PM: Now they are showing archery with two wands. After shooting, you have to reach into yor back to grab another wand.

2:40:07 PM: More details on motion wands coming in the near future.

2:40:36 PM: Spring 2010 launch for motion controllers.

2:41:27 PM: New costumes coming from Disney Interactive, this fall, for Little Big Planet.

2:44:21 PM: ModNation Racers is announced for te PS3 exclusively for the platform. This is fully customized classic kart racing.

2:47:16 PM: ModNation Racers plays like Mario Kart and tracks are easier to build than Levels in Little Big Planet.

2:51:37 PM: After watching the demo, I am Really impressed with ModNation Racers. Title ships in 2010.

2:52:17 PM: The Last Guardian, formerly Trico, is now being shown.

2:55:54 PM: I am not sure how the gameplay wikkcbe but the music, visuals and animations are all unbelievable.

2:56:26 PM: The crowd is going nuts for The Last Guardian.

2:58:19 PM: Next up is Gran Turismo 5. The trailer being shown is lifelike In quality. It looks that good.

3:00:25 PM: God of War III is being played and the title is the last on the God of War Trilogy.

3:02:22 PM: There is no way the Xbox 360 could ever output this much detail or this many characters on the screen.

3:04:22 PM: Kratos is overwhelmed by 15 enemies on screen while a mini boss is there and the big boss is hovering in the background.

3:05:21 PM: Now we have to big boss right here and another bigger mini boss appeared. No slowdown at all.

3:07:20 PM: There is a playable demo with an extra 20 minutes of gameplay on the floor. God of War III ships March 2010.

3:08:06 PM: That's it folks. The best press conference just ended.

Sorry for the lack of photos. Two of the tallest French people in the world sat right in front of us right before the conference started. Also, most presenters were on the far right side of the stage and there were no video feeds to capture them.

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By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/02/09

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