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E3 2009: MX vs ATV Reflex

Developer: Rainbow Studios | Publisher: THQ
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Driving

Release Date: 12/01/09

mx.jpgRainbow and THQ are working on what seems to be the best offroad racing game coming down the line this year. The big news this time around: an improved driving engine; bigger, more lush environments to explore; and a new control scheme that will make getting on the bike (or the ATV, or any of the other vehicles in the game), and staying on the bike, more fun than ever.

Much like the ATV series before, Rainbow is using "rhythm racing" style of off-road competition, which is defined by preloading jumps and the huge-air, trick-filled stunts that come as a result.

By moving the right analog stick in any direction, you'll be able to shift your rider's weight anywhere on the bike or ATV. You can still preload a jump (by pressing down on the analog stick), but the ability to move left or right gives you more control than ever over your vehicle.

In addition to using the right stick to move your rider on your vehicle, you'll be flicking it to pull off midair tricks during Freestyle events, which looks to be a big improvement from the tedious and sometimes confusing button combinations from previous games. In addition, the right stick will provide you with a way to prevent yourself from wrecking when landing a huge jump, something that happened all too often in previous MX vs. ... In Reflex, if you manage a dangerous landing, a green arrow will appear at one edge of the screen; if you flick the right stick in that direction with the correct timing, you'll save your bike and be able to keep going.

Producers also told us that dirt tossed up when cutting those muddy grooves actually goes somewhere, so in a motocross race, the dirt that is kicked up in hairpin turns will eventually build up mounds as the race progresses. So imagine 12 racers on one track and a few laps under your belt, the entire corse is going to feel like a new map as the racers build ruts in the ground and dynamically change the topography. Also much like the punch controls in EA's Fight Night boxing series, the tricks in Reflex will be controlled with flicks of the right stick, giving you a large variety of easily accessible tricks under your thumb.

Rainbow has what I believe to be a game-changer for any off road style game to come, with the combination of full muli-direction weight shifting, and race tracks that dynamically change over the course of the run, your looking at the apex of ATV MX racing. Keep reading and expect to play ATV in fall of this year!

mx1.jpg mx2.jpgmx3.jpg mx4.jpg mx5.jpg
By Dominick Fleres - 06/04/09
ESRB Details: - Mild Suggestive Themes, Mild Violence - This is a racing game in which players can ride motorcycles, ATV's, and off-road vehicles in events (e.g.,'Omnicross' and 'World National') and stunt and freestyle competitions. Players can fall off their vehicles if they crash or land a stunt improperly; if this occurs, the rider will hit the ground, flail around (i.e., rag-doll physics), and grunt in pain. During some rounds, the camera pans around 'card girls' who wear half-tops that expose deep cleavage.

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