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E3 2009 Predictions

With E3 2009 just around the corner, I decided to go ahead and write down a few things I expect to see at E3 2009. So consider this my E3 2009 predictions.

Lionhead Studios will reveal the long-awaited new title from Peter Molyneux
Microsoft will show off new Avatar modes to further expand the NXE (New Xbox Experience)
Microsoft will reveal a motion sensing camera.
A handheld device will be revealed to play Xbox Live Arcade games and sync to your Xbox 360
Forza 3 will be shown for the first time

New PSP revealed without a UMD Drive
New lower Price for current PS3 models--leading up to redesign model this fall
Ability to subscribe to game service, via PS3, on your PSP to rent games
Sony will show off a new type of motion controller for the PS3
Sony will debut a device that will allow players to convert UMD titles, via the PS3, to their new PSP's Memory Stick
Gran Turismo PSP will FINALLY get shown off and have a Release Date!

DSi will feature GBA, GB, and GB Color downloads
A new Kid Icarus will be unveiled (it has to come true at some point, right?)
Nintendo will tease a new Zelda game that will connect to the new DS Zelda
A brand new Pikmin game will be shown for the first time
A sequel to Wii Fit will be announced

Bethesda will show off Elder Scrolls V running on the Xbox 360

Half-Life Episode 3 will be shown either at the Microsoft Press Conference or the EA Press Conference

Capcom will show off Devil May Cry 5

Square will announce a Final Fantasy VII Remake exclusive for the PS3

Konami will announce and show a trailer for Metal Gear Solid 5

Check back after Tuesday and see how well I did!

By Kaleb Rutherford - 05/29/09

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