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E3 2012 Best of Show Awards 3 of 3

Kaleb Rutherford


The Billy Award is the most prestigious award we hand out at CVG. Billy Rutherford, the President and Founder of our parent company, Rutherford & Associates, passed away in July 2007 on the Eve of E3. Our award is given to games, gadgets, and items that are of the highest quality and deserving of his memory.

Part 3 of our E3 2012 Awards honors one last game as the Best of the Show this year. Congratulations to the winners of all our Awards!

Watch Dogs

As Ubisoft ended their E3 Press Briefing on Monday of E3 2012 Week, a new IP was revealed that has been in development for over two years at Ubisoft Montreal. In the extended gameplay shown on stage, with no specific platform or release date given, we learn of a world where computers control every major system in our world. These systems are all hackable and you are one of the most known hackers. This new IP looks visually stunning and is among the best shown at E3 2012 all year. 


You can read our preview of Watch Dogs here.

E3 2012 Best of Show Awards 3 of 3
E3 2012 Best of Show Awards 3 of 3

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