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EA E3 2012 Press Briefing

EA is calling their EA Press event as Download 2012. This is going to feature 10 games from 10 great studios.  
Starting things off is the debut trailer for Dead Space 3. Dead Space 3 will take place in the most intense adventure yet with drop in and drop out co-op. They are demoing the co-op play on stage in a scene at the beginning of Act 2 with a giant drill out of control. As with the first two Dead Space titles, there are no menus to pause into. You can see what your co-op partner is looking at from their on-screen HUD.
After beating a big drill mini-boss, a giant bug with incredible suction power and lots of claws ends up eating you. Now you have to fight your way out of the creature. This is Dead Space 3 and it looks awesome. Coming February 2013.
Madden NFL 13 is up next with physics you can feel with the Affinity Engine. This gives you runtime physics that makes football feel as realistic as the game on Sunday. This makes each encounter with players unique by taking into account larger and shorter players, how players can lose balance and even regain it. No longer will you see a tackle animation mean the play is over.
Michael Irvin is taking the stage to talk about making an impact on your own career in the NFL within Madden 13.You will be able to create or join a league with up to 13 other players. You can start a new player or playy as an existing player. 
A story and Twitter virtual feed will keep you informed of what is going on with the players. You will gain EXP and level up your skills to take you to the next level. Get tired of a position? Retire and start a new position without ending your fraanchise.
Bye Michael Irvin! I hope you still enjoy your Super Bowl Rings.
Maxis is up with Lucy Bradshow--the GM of Maxis. Sim City Social is coming to Facebook and it is going to destroy all the "ville" games (so they say).You can play good or evil with more city and less ville (again so they say). Lucy claims this is the best city builder on Facebook and it is coming in a few weeks.
The new Sim City is coming to the PC still and it will revolutionize the city building genre. Sim City will be the first multiplayer version in the franchise history. The choices you make impact you and those around you. You can play just with friends or others. 
Text simcity to 44144 to name the burger hut in the game.
Sim City is coming February 2013. Hello? Anyone out there for 2012 games? 
Games are changing from a game you bought to a game you own. Peter Moore will talk about it more with Battlefield 3 that Moore calls the biggest game of EA's history. Dice is here today to announce Battlefield 3 Premium. 20 New Maps, Exclusive dog tags, 10 new vehicles, 2 weeks arly access, and 5 expansion packs coming between over the next 9 months. You can get it for $49.99 and PS3 owners can play the first expansion now. PC and Xbox 360 can join in two weeks from now. It also appears Sony will get 2 weeks early access for each new expansion over the next 9 months.
Next up is Dr. Ray with Star Wars: the Old Republic and speaking of the early success of the game. The game has been out for only six months and there have been two major patches with a new planet. Starting in July, you can play the game up to level 15 for free. The level cap will also be increased.
New Space Missions are coming along with all new Operations and high level difficulty combat. New species, new companions, server transfers, new warzones, and more. Ouch, sounds like they are getting desperate.
Next up is Medal of Honor Warfighter and features all new hot zones with real world areas that are in danger and needing help from your forces. In the multiplayer event, 10 different groups from around the world will battle it out.
This is actually an October 23, 2012 release. Amazing! Games releasing this year? Surely not!
That was Medal of Honor Warfighter and it looks good.
Andrew Wilson from EA Sports is out. Didn't we see him at Microsoft earlier? 
Madden NFL Social is coming to Facebook and mobile. Start on Facebook and finish on your phone. This is coming this fall.
NBA Live will make a very big return to the court this year.
Talk about FIFA 13 and I fell asleep. Soccer is boring.
EA now announces UFLC from EA Sports. The President of the UFC Dana is here to talk about the multiyear partnership that ends the struggling THQ contract behind. 
Criterion's next Need for Speed title is up next. Maybe EA will let this one stay on the market for more than 6 months before throwing the next title out? Need for Speed Most Wanted is the second title in the franchise from Criterion Games. This will be an open world driving game that should expand on everything Burnout Paradise. This will be out October 30, 2012.
LIke Crytek? THey are up next. Crysis 3 looks amazing but will not come out until February 2013. February and March of next year is busier than any holiday I ever remember.
That is all from EA!

By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/04/12

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