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Egg Mania: Eggstreme Madness

Developer: HotGen Studios | Publisher: Kemco
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 09/10/02 | Genre: Puzzle

There aren’t a lot of puzzle games released on consoles these days. The majority of these titles appear on the Game Boy Advance. While Kemco’s latest title, Egg Mania: Eggstreme Madness, appears on the GBA, the larger screen, PS2 counterpart is a solid puzzle game that will provide some fun gaming time for yourself or with a friend.

Egg Mania is a twist on Tetris. In the main game mode, players control one of many different Eggs in building a tower out of falling blocks. Once catching a block, players can throw it down on the ground, drop it, rotate the block, or drop to a lower level to fill in holes that were left. If the water level rises to a row with one or more missing blocks, that level will crash down. Also, if there is too much pressure on a row with one or more missing blocks, your tower will begin to collapse.

The ultimate goal in this main mode is to build your tower high enough where your egg can jump up into a flying machine and end the level. However, there are many obstacles that can keep you from this objective. Within the level, creatures can come up and knock you down. This can be quite a nuisance because you drop the block you currently hold and it takes a few seconds before your egg can get back into the action. Players can also use items to wreak havoc onto the opposition. These include a Thunderbolt, which stuns your opponent and knocks them off their tower, the Hammer, which demolishes any rows that has gaps and also knocks the other egg of their tower, and a Bomb which will explode onto the other tower if they don’t throw it back soon enough.

Besides these items that harm the other player, there are also items that can assist you. These include The Spatula, which fills in up to six gaps into your tower and the Super Boots, that increase your speed and how high you can jump. However, if for any reason you are knocked off your tower, you will lose any special power-ups like the Super Boots.

The egg characters in Egg Mania are cute and simplistic. Bebub, who resembles a red devil, Robo, a robot egg, and Spike, a punk rocker, are three of the most interesting characters. However, no matter who you choose, the game will have the same difficulty.

In the main game mode, there are two game levels--over-easy and hard boiled. Once you choose hard boiled, you can pick between easy medium, and hard difficulty levels. Over-easy is definitely the way for players to start get accustomed to the gameplay. In this mode, the water levels rise much slower and the opposition lets you win with little resistance.

Other modes in the game include Bomb--which is playable by one or two players. This mode is the opposite of the normal mode. Here you must destroy the opponents tower by throwing bombs. The first player to destroy the other tower completely wins.

While Egg Mania: Eggstreme Madness is not the best puzzle game I have ever played--nor is it as good as the Super Bust A Move series--it is still one of the few new puzzle games that have been released have been released on the PS2 in recent memory. While it offers nothing spectacular, it is worth a look--especially if you enjoy the puzzle genre.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 10/17/02
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