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Electronic Arts E3 2011 Press Conference

12:32 Mass Effect 3 Trailer shown and then Casey Hudson, from Bioware, comes on stage. March 6, 2012 will be the date all of your choices will impact the final of the Mass Effect trilogy.


12:34 Live demo of Mass Effect 3 being played with a 360 D-Pad. Action is much more intense and cinematic and they are fighting a live Reaper who is HUGE via a floating turret platform.


12:38 Coming on 3.6.12 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. They promise that this will be the best in the series.


12:39 John Riccitello is on stage saying they don't need fancy stages and random celebrities to show off their games. They will speak for themselves.


12:41 Need for Speed The Run is now being discussed and there is going to be on foot as well as car gameplay? We will see with this live demo. You start off in a white Mustang and the player eventually gets hit by another car--forcing you out on foot. the gameplay then shifts to a multitude of quicktime events where you steal a police car and start racing again. This adds some fun to the racing genre.


12:46 More quicklime events are shown with another crash and button presses needed to escape from a train hitting you on the crashed tracks.


12:47 Dr. Greg Zeschuk, from Bioware, is on stage talking about what a honor it is for them to work with the Star Wars franchise. The Old Republic represents years of their lives and they are really excited about you playing the game at E3 this week. They want you to play it, gets lost in it, and enjoy it. Now a trailer with awesome Jedi and Sith action.


12:52 Smoke fills the room and a trailer for SSX is shown for January 2012 release. Peter Moore is on the stage to tell how massive this game is. Race It, Trick It, and Survive it are the three gameplay modes that will be available to try all week during E3. One new character will be revealed on the SSX Facebook page before the end of E3 2011. More will be revealed in the coming days.


12:55 Moore is talking up Fifa and its 42 million consumers that played in 2010 on virtually every platform. This will be the most realistic and amazing FIFA ever made.


1:00 EA Sports Football Club is announced to join FIFA 12 at no additional charge. In the future, it will join the other platforms that FIFA appears on--including Facebook, iPhone, iPad, and more. You will be able to track what your friends do and follow real-life games. You may be asked to avenge a loss and if you are able to, you will get an achievement.


1:03 EA is pushing after every game as the "go to" place to learn more for all their games. 1:04 Madden NFL Football time. True to Victory, True to Game. Ray Lewis, Hillis (Cover Athlete for Madden NFL 12), and Clay Matthews are all on stage in their uniforms. Sadly, they may not be wearing them for real this year. Peter Moore joins them and promises this is the most emotion filled and complete Madden ever made. The game is coming August 2011.


1:08 John Riccitello is back on stage and he announces The Sims Social. This is bringing The Sims to Facebook. In The Sims Social, you play with your friends--you play with your life. Can someone shoot me now?


1:10 Riccitello is on stage again talking about EA Partners. Curt Schilling is on stage--the Founder of 38 Studios. He is talking about his first game Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning. He has teamed up with many great people to create an absolutely stunning RPPG experience. Coming 2012.


1:13 Ted Price, of Insomniac, is on stage to talk about OverStrike. This game will appear on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Trailer time. An action spy game and we will have more details later.


1:18 DICE trailer being shown. Battlefield 3. Karl Magnus, from DICE, is on stage talking about why this will be the best First Person Shooter this holiday. They are bringing the best animations, destructions, Scale, Rendering, and Audio via the Frostbite 2 engine. This will make it to be the biggest and best of this generation.


1:22 Multiplatform, open beta will launch in September 2011. Details can be found on 1:31 Battlefield will release on October 25, 2011. It looks just amazing. is being pushed again. This is the final game being shown today.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/07/11

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