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Developer: Starbreeze | Publisher: VU Games
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 03/10/03 | Genre: Action

Hello, your friendly neighborhood knight here. I'd like to tell you about the game that I landed a lead role in. It's called Enclave. You may remember the Xbox version of the game, which was overall a good title, but had some problems; mainly relating to the camera controls and aiming various projectile-based weapons. Well, the game has just been released for the PC, and these problems have by and large been fixed!

Please, allow me to introduce you to the plight of myself and my comrades. Long ago, a great war was waged and the enlightened ones sought shelter in the great city of Celenheim. The invading demonic army was close to conquering our fair city, when a lone wizard stood against them, and with a mighty yell, he slammed his staff into the ground and a powerful burst of magic split the Earth open. This vast expanse created by the magical blast sent the demon king falling to his doom and kept the army out of the town. Now, years have passed, and the gap is healing, in fact, demons are even able to cross in some spots! They have gathered a great army and launched an attack as the game begins.

I, the noble knight, am the first character that you'll control. However, you'll meet up with some of my friends such as the Huntress, the Wizard, and the Druid. Each of my comrades has unique qualities that make them useful in different situations. I, for example, am very adept at using heavy weapons such as swords. I can also defend myself using various shields. The Huntress, however, is more of a finesse character that uses bows as opposed to swords. Of course, we aren't always well prepared to fend off our enemies, luckily for you (and us); you can use gold that is scattered throughout the environments to purchase more powerful weapons and defensive items.

The developers have done a really excellent job on the graphics in my game, and it's just as well, as I'd have never accepted the lead role in a game that looks like your father's toe fungus, Hmph! The environments are wonderfully detailed and the textures are absolutely outstanding. All this, and yet it gets better as the backgrounds will change dynamically as you progress and the battle rages around you. Oh yes, and I must mention that the character models are top notch as well. Plus, we are textured extremely well too. *Sigh* I must admit that even the horrid masses of goblins and whatnot look stupendous.

Oh, and we shan't forget the sound either. The music fits well with the medieval theme of the game. In fact, I grew quite attached to a few of them! The sound effects are well done too. You'll hear my manly grunt as I thwack this and that and run over various terrain. The enemies groan appropriately as they are felled; a sound I quite like to hear! Tee-hee! Yes, those stupid, stupid go-*THUMP*

Heh, I hate those knights, so darn egotistical aren't they? Oh, pardon me, I happen to be one of those wretched goblins he mentioned?Ķwell, more accurately, I'm an Ogre, but let's not get into that right now. Anyway, one of the main problems with the Xbox version was that the game was just too difficult. Grr, we couldn't very well just let them win now could we?!? The developers apparently felt for the "good" guys and added the ability to save in levels so that you don't have to start from scratch upon merciless death.

Problems do, however remain, largely in the form of slowdown in some of the levels, but it doesn't happen often, and really, it's not something that detracts from the experience. One of my personal favorite features about this version is that, right off the bat, you can choose to play as an accursed warrior of light (BOO!), or an almighty demon of darkness (RAH!)

Overall, Enclave for the PC is a very worthwhile title that you should probably look into at the very least. But heed my warning, do-gooders, if you choose the light campaign, I'll have your head! Now go, buy the game, and help us take over that wretched Celenheim!! Mwa-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!

By Ryan Schaefer - 04/04/03
ESRB Details: Blood, Violence

Screenshots for Enclave