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Fallout 4 Teaser First Look

Developer: Bethsda Game Studios | Publisher: Bethesda
Players: 1 Player Game | Genre: Action/RPG

Release Date: 11/10/15

Finally, Fallout 4 is officially coming. After years of rumors and reports, Bethesda Softworks has unveiled the next installment of the highly popular FPS RPG series. Starting on Tuesday morning, Bethesda teased the audience with a 24 hour countdown from their website, with a Fallout-themed “Please Stand By” video clip looping in the background. This clip was also broadcasted via their Twitch page leading up to the reveal on Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. CDT. At approximately 9:04 a.m., fans everywhere, myself included, squealed with joy as the trailer gave us a glimpse of a game that we are eager to sink our teeth into for hours on end.

I tip my cap to Bethesda for not holding back in their reveal. They could have easily threw down a generic teaser without an official title and held out until E3. Bethesda has always been confident in their projects, and it obvious by watching the trailer. The reveal is breathtaking, showing what seems to be in-game graphics, which might be through a new/upgraded engine. Only time will tell, a.k.a. when they take the floor in two weeks at their first ever E3 conference. There’s no doubt more information will be revealed and questions will be answered, including a possible release date.

Outside what the trailer reveals, we don’t have much else to go off of. Even though it moved quickly, we can still take away several things for us to chew on until Bethesda opens up more about its next big thing:

- Known officially as “The Player”, our new Vault escapee that we will be playing as is from Vault 111. You see clips similar to that of Fallout 3 or someone leaving the vault, seeing the sun for the first time accompanied by a barren wasteland. If I can coin the phrase from the beloved Kingdom Hearts series, this will be “another side, another story” in the Fallout franchise. I enjoyed the opening Vault 101 chapter of Fallout 3, so I’m naturally anticipating to get the backstory of our new protagonist.

- Fallout 4 seems to be set in Boston, Massachusetts, with images revealing the likes of the Paul Revere Statue and the Massachusetts State House. Personally, I am a huge history enthusiast. It is part of the reason that I still choose to tolerate the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Boston is rich with historical landmarks and other locales that would look amazing as a “what-was-but-now-is” in the Fallout Universe. Even by the trailer, you get the impression that everywhere the dog was exploring, the environment had a story, whether it used to be a house to a family of three, or a street that used to be full of people whose lives were suddenly uprooted because of the oncoming nuclear storm.

- From the get-go, the trailer focuses around a German Shepherd exploring vacated towns and homes as its surrounding flash back and for the between present day, and how it looked before the nuclear catastrophe.  At the end of the trailer, the German Shepherd meets up with the protagonist, still in Vault attire, with him saying “let’s go pal” before the trailer ends. My question is, will the dog be a companion from the very start? If so, I’d be very excited about that. You had the opportunity to gain a follower in the form of a dog in Fallout 3 through a short side mission, but if it died, you couldn’t get it back. 

I’m curious (and hopeful) to see if they take inspiration from The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite and find a way to introduce new gameplay elements with a dog companion. What those two games did right was that while you had a companion, they could take care of themselves, thus taking away the fear of them being killed. It didn’t feel like the entire game was an escort mission where you had the constantly protect the companion. I say this because if Fallout 4 does go in this direction, I really hope the Player/dog relationship meshes well from a gameplay perspective.

- This is probably a long shot, but was that the voice of Troy Baker at the end of the trailer? There’s a very Booker DeWitt-y “Let’s go pal” towards the end as The Player talks to his dog. If I’m right, I just have to say this: How much of a hot commodity is Troy Baker right now? He’s is in so many games while having the ability to play such a wide range of characters. Then again, I could be wrong, but it’s fun to guess. No matter who the voice actor is, I don’t think The Player will have much voice acting, as it isn’t Bethesda’s style. This could very well be for the sake of the trailer, rather than the game itself. 

Of course this world has so much more to offer that wasn’t included in this trailer. I, for one, am riding first class in on the hype train that won’t be stopping until the release date hits, whenever that may be. I know that whenever this game drops, I will gladly hand over my bottle caps to get my hands on this game.

By Derek Smith - 06/03/15

Screenshots for Fallout 4 Teaser First Look

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