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Developer: SCEJ | Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 10/25/00 | Genre: Puzzle

Thanks to Sony I had the Fourth of July in my living room last night. Luckily, I didn't have to break out the gunpowder or classical music. Fantavision, a puzzle/strategy (sort of) game on the PS2 graced my television last night with a challenge like I had never seen before.

This game is not for those not open to something strange. Fantavision has you choosing colors of fireworks in designs to create a show that would kick the White House show's butt. It is a real challenge to get through. At first play, it seems like a button masher, especially if you play in two-player mode. The challenge comes in when you begin to figure out how to get points and advance levels.

Visually speaking, you just have to see it in action to understand how incredible it looks. These graphics are like none I have ever seen (until I popped in the next PS2 title.) If you haven't seen a PS2 game yet- GO! Run to the store just to sit and drool. Most of the games are currently on High Definition TVs and look absolutely amazing. Even if you have a regular old TV like I do, it is still a treat just to stare at the graphics. Fantavision uses the PS2's capabilities to the fullest. It is like watching a real fireworks show.

The gameplay is incredible. It never slows down and always has a new way to challenge you. The levels get harder and faster and you have to last longer. The challenge in Fantavision is only to outlast the time of the level with your energy level. As the fireworks shoot up your screen, they expect to be exploded. If they are lost, they hurt your energy level. My first time playing the single player version (after watching all of the instructions) I made it to the second level without breaking a sweat. A little more playing allowed me to excel further as I learned more tricks.

There are a lot of games on the market, fulfilling every want imaginable (or so I thought.) Whomever imagined Fantavision has a mind into which I would be afraid to travel. Overall, the game play is great, (if you get past the misconception that it is a button masher) the music is fun and enticing, and the graphics are amazing. I am looking forward to more creative titles like Fantavision for the PS2.

By Emily Rutherford - 08/15/01
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