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Final Fantasy X-2

Developer: Square Enix | Publisher: Square Enix
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 11/18/03 | Genre: RPG

One of the longest running series of video games has finally received a direct sequel to a game! The 1st Final Fantasy game to reach a new era of video gaming. The Final Fantasy Series has been around since the 1980's. The first Final Fantasy game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the day, and it was an unexpected hit to most video game buyers, containing hours of gameplay with a great story, the players were shocked and couldn’t wait till the second version was out, and when it did come out, it was for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and it was a bit confusing for the consumer that it didn’t follow the story to the first video game. Then Square Soft announced that the Final Fantasy Series is a bunch of games separate with different story lines, formally the name Final. Finally on November. 18, 2003 Square-Enix, the combined companies of Enix and Square Soft, have created a game, that is one of a kind, A direct sequel to one of the Final Fantasy games. The amazing Final Fantasy X (10) for the Sony Playstation 2 has a sequel.

Final Fantasy X-2 revolves around the story behind Final Fantasy X. If you have seen Final Fantasy X International, the 20-minute movie, it shows a few months later from FFX that Yuna Rikku and Wakka find a sphere, which contains Tidus (everyone remembers Tidus) trapped in a cage wanting out. So Yuna is going to go hunting for Tidus and brings Rikku with her. This is where it starts. You are the Gullwings; a few people containing the Al Bhed and Yuna and Rikku and Paine that fly all over the world looking for spheres. Normally introduced as Sphere hunters as people call them. The captain is the no other then Rikku’s Brother flying the Celsius.

The game takes a new tool to the word Role Playing. You are now able to jump around, isn’t it amazing? You are now allowed to explore more areas in the world by jumping or climbing up or down. As well many mini-missions with you blasting the hell out of anything that moves. Let me introduce the newest member of the pack. Her name is Paine. The group dropped Lulu because she wasn’t qualified… no I am just joking, it seems that Lulu is having a baby J ahh isn’t that beautiful, I wont ruin who the father is, even though you probably know already. Anyways Paine She is a gothic looking girl just like Lulu, with silver hair, and one nasty attitude. Good with wield blades; she can cut through anything with her skills.

Anyways, about the game… Final Fantasy X-2 has all new battle system. Like in any Role Playing game, the battle system is the 2nd most important item in the game, the 1st being the story. But this time Square-Enix decided to do a Full Time activated battle system so that battles are all active, no stop, all attack so you have to be quick to react with your character and enemy. I am very grateful that Square-Enix put in a pause button in the battle. You are able to do killer moves and attacks, and they best thing in the game’s battle system is the switching of suites. You are able to switch to any suite you have on your grid in the middle of a battle, from Gunner to a White Mage. Yet you need to upgrade your skills so you can actually attack with brutal skills and abilities learned with AP. The upgrading system is just like the one in Final Fantasy IX.

One again, the amount of freedom in the Final Fantasy games is unbelievable, you can go anywhere, anytime, and do whatever you want. One thing that they took out of Final Fantasy X-2 that was in Final Fantasy X has to be the sphere grid. You now earn levels as it was in the first nine games. As well added the old system from Final Fantasy IX, which was getting AP from an enemy to upgrade attacks and skills. These are very useful. Take a game, add new features, add old features, what do you get? a decent game that will last you along time. Final Fantasy X-2 there is so many different choices to follow through the game; you may go one way and another, yet you must do a certain way to get a full 100% of the game.

Through many years Square has been the best in graphics. Final Fantasy X was amazing; now Final Fantasy X-2 has some of the most pixilated graphics you will ever see on the Sony Playstation 2. Though mixing the good CGI and the little blocked CG that everyone has seen in the game, makes it look like the background, but kind of looks bad overall if you look at it. If they create one good CGI then they should do the whole part all CGI so it would make the game look a lot better. Though the graphics are some of the best we will see till Final Fantasy XII or Halo 2 and Resident Evil 4. Square-Enix could do better if they made all the videos with CGI quality. It would make the game look more entertaining. When you think of Final Fantasy, you think of Orchestra and singing, and there is a lot of that stuff in the game, and do I mean A LOT! The game is filled with so many musical notes, that the game could practically be a game only for the music. Yuna is a singer at the beginning and she sings really well… or does Yuna sing well?

There is a new Fantasy way to play your video games now; even Final Fantasy X-2 is following that for the first time. Ok the system is not even close to new, but it is very new to become apart of Final Fantasy X-2. The new gameplay system is no longer one huge story, now we have a mission-based game. You go around to different spots all over Spira to find objectives / Missions you have to do and you will be rewarded with a sphere grid or a sphere or even a costume, even Gil at some points of the game. The new mission-based game took Final Fantasy fans by surprise and confused them but yet was most enjoyable to most people. The new way to be stylish is in from different costumes. Its all about what you look like isn’t it? Well it seems that Final Fantasy X-2 shows how stylish these 3 beauties can be. Through the game you will acquire new costumes or suites that give you powers, just like a White Mage, Trainer, Fighter, Mechanic, etc. You are able to change any of your costumes that are equipped to the sphere grid in battle, with a cool movie of your character changing costumes… really just switching, no taking off. Each dress gives you these attacks if you equip them and can be upgraded with the more AP you earn through the game.

Once again, you and a bunch of… girls, Have to save the world once again… actually this will be the first time for the Final Fantasy franchise. Most video games you have to save this save that. This game actually starts off you looking for Tidus, by collecting spheres you will find the path to go on what happened to Tidus. The strangest thing in the whole game, is that Rikku’s brother I think has the “hotsâ€? for Yuna… yes they are cousins but he acts really weird when he’s around Yuna.

Hedy Burres, Tara Strong, Gewndoline Yeo the 3 amazing voice actors for Final Fantasy X-2 making there big day by playing Yuna, Rikku and Paine. These 3 girls do a great job in capturing the emotions given to them. There is no voice actor that Square-Enix didn’t hire that wasn’t good. Though my favorite voice would be John Dimaggio, he plays Wakka, Kimhari in Final Fantasy X (2) also in Futurama the show as Bender. Each voice actor did his or her part in capturing each characters voice. There are 3 characters that you will have to decide to go with. There is Nooj, a former Crusader fighting Sin, now is in charge of Youth League, a organization that believes that they have successfully defeated Sin and they should run their own lives. We also have Baralai. He is in charge of New Yevon, which is an organization that run and says that if they continue the sins they are committing, Sin will come back and ruin all there lives. And last, he isn’t really that important to the world of politics, but his name is Gippal, he is in charge of a desert-digging project where he looks for treasure in the desert. Though you are wondering why I am telling you these people. These people, will the ones that will help defeat the enemy. You must choose your way you will go. Do you believe that sin will come back or not? This story is amazingly fun Also one of the ultimate item Square-Enix FINALLY put in the game is that you are able to play after you beat the game! Yes that means that it just wont stop at the end to leave you to reset it, now you can get all your items that you had back at the beginning!

Most people think the game looks like it’s a game for girls, with all the “girl powerâ€? stuff and you being only girls as characters, really, anyone who thinks that does not believe in equality where a women / girl can do anything a man / boy can do. Yuna can kick anyone’s but with Rikku and Paine! You really have to experience the game to actually believe that the game is that good. People have their doubts but try it first. It may look girlish, but the game is very fun, with lots of awesome new abilites and items that Square-Enix had put in the game. This is one of the best games since Final Fantasy X. I give the game an A.

This is definitely “one game that you cannot miss.â€?

By Adam Beck - 01/29/04
ESRB Details: Suggestive Themes, Violence

Screenshots for Final Fantasy X-2