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Developer: exDream | Publisher: Indie Pub Games
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 05/12/17 | Genre: Driving

Fireburst is a fast paced racing game.   It offers the player a multiplayer splitscreen mode, challenge mode, and of course a racing mode.  The player  gets to choose from eight different characters each with their own style, quotes, and vehicle.  

As with most racing games, the goal of FIreburst is to win.  Depending on the mode chosen, a player will have to race against the clock or against other racers.  Using the fire boost, to go faster, a player has to make sure to hit water barrels or they will EXPLODE in fire.  I found this quite amusing as I began to play Fireburst but it became rather tiresome further into the game.  Luckily, the water barrels are everywhere you happen to drive.  In the racing part of the game, when the vehicle gets too hot and explodes, one simply waits and their car will be close to where it exploded.  In the challenge mode, if you explode, you have to start over again.  

The controls are not customizable and may take some time to get used to.  There is the usual button you hold to go, a button to change the music, a boost button, and a handbrake and a brake button. The challenging part to Fireburst is the camera.  It is off center.  While it can be changed from first person to third and back again, it remains off center.  This makes it hard to time that jump or navigate a corner.  During the challenges when one doesn't have to worry about other cars, it can be ignored.  When it comes to racing against others, the camera gets in the way.  The angle it sits at gives a big disadvantage and gives a completely different perspective to obstacles, jumps, and other cars that just makes it frustrating.

The sound in Fireburst is loud.   For the music, there a few songs to cycle through and the player can change the song to the one they like best.  However, the most annoying part of Fireburst, aside from the strange off center camera, is the dialogue from the characters.  There is very little delay from one speaking to the next. They also tend to repeat themselves quite often.  This is especially annoying in the challenge mode.

Even with a few negatives, Fireburst is still a fun game to play in small doses. If you love the racing genre, you will find yourself having many great hours of fun.

By Christina Voican - 07/11/13

Screenshots for Fireburst

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