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Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Developer: Planet Moon Studios | Publisher: Interplay
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 12/12/01 | Genre: Action

There is nothing like a good old run-'em-down, shoot-em-up game. A game where you don't mind the button-mashing because it's just so much fun. With the increasing technology we don't get to see as many, shall we say, simple action games. Now, I know the first thing that comes to mind when you see this title is, what the hell is this? I grant your, the name can leave something to be desired but when you take a look inside the game, it just all makes sense! What do I mean by that? Well, to put it simply: Giants. Citizen Kabuto is really unlike any game out there and it brings back fun to an action genre that has been so busy trying to make the next big thing that they forgot the most important feature--that a game should be FUN. So, sit back as I try to take you into the world where a smartie is your best friend... in Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

One of the most important things in an action title is the depth. Who wants to play a solid action game and just have it end? Well, there's no need to worry about that with Giants: Citizen Kabuto because it is stacked with 45 missions. Let me say that again -- 45 missions. So to say you won't be finishing this one too quickly would be an understatement. Your 45 missions will take you through 16 different islands where you will complete different tasks in order to move on. Another cool think about this game is that you aren't stuck with one main character. You get to see different worlds with different characters who have different powers. Plus, you even get some missions where you will compete in some racing which all adds to the depth in this game.

For your main missions you will be sent out to acquire parts or people while getting more powerful as you go on. You will receive new weapons and new techniques that will help you finish your missions. And also, what do all good action games have in them? Well, a terribly hard boss to fight, of course. And, yes, this game is no different. You will have to fight some mean big monsters if you want to beat this one!

While the graphics in this game are not the most beautiful graphics by far, it does give a unique look and you would be hard-pressed to find another game that resembles it. One real plus are the cutaway scenes that help develop the storyline. These are very well done and really help to increase the game's value as well. But the cutaway scenes are only half the story. The voice acting is incredible and, most of all it is hilarious! The story is used to keep you in the know with the missions you are about to or have already completed but with the story a barrel full of laughs comes along. With every chance they get the creators try to involve humor with the story and do it very well. The game will make you laugh out loud with some of the funniest things ever done or said in a video game. But this wouldn't be possible without the outstanding work of the voice actors who are terrific!

What's not so good? The game does slow down a little with the load times. But those are usually few and far between. And as I mentioned earlier, the game is not simple (but that IS what cheat codes are for right?) If you are a fan of action titles then you will love Giants: Citizen Kabuto. It is fun, deep, and funny! This game, just like the title, is different but it proves that different can be very good. If you are in the mood for a new type of game or just want a flashback to those great action games of the past, make sure to check this one out! This game is rated T (Teen) for blood, gore, and of course, violence.

By Chris "Hoss" Neupert - 06/04/02
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Violence

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