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Golden Sun

Developer: Camelot | Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 11/11/01 | Genre: RPG

Please, don't shrug off Golden Sun just because the GBA provides old SNES-type graphic capabilities. You know darn well that Earthbound and Chrono Trigger are still two of the best RPG's you've played, and Golden Sun is as good if not better than these two classics. Trust and believe in the Game Boy Advance. This game makes the ninety-nine dollar handheld well worth it.

Golden Sun surprised me with it's beautiful graphics and colorful environments. I know after playing GBA titles such as Street Fighter and Mario Kart, I should be expecting this type of graphical quality, or at least be used to it. But Golden Sun has once again shocked me with the best graphics I've seen on the GBA to date. But the graphics aren't the only impressive quality in Golden Sun. The great soundtrack, superbly-designed battle system, and magnificent plot combine into one of the best RPG's I've played. Yes, I'm serious.

I can't stress enough the quality of creativity behind this huge adventure, so I'm not going to try. All I'll say is that this RPG takes on one of the finest and well-throughout adventures yet. The characters and plot keep you attached to your GBA for hours, so you'd better stock up on those AA batteries.

The sound in Golden Sun is second to none on the Advance. The tunes are actually very, very good and some will stick in your head for hours after you've finished playing. Luckily, you have the option to turn off the annoying, beeping voices which at times overshadowed the excellence of the music. Crank up the GBA's volume and be amazed at the superior sound quality of Golden Sun. The battle sounds are nice and crunchy, and keep the random battles from becoming annoying. This allows you to enjoy the battle music and effects while you gain experience and money, which you'll need to buy the expensive weapons and armor.

So you know the sound and graphics are great, so what else? Graphics and sound are very important when playing through long games like RPG's, but gameplay is also a vital factor. If you know how other RPG's play, then the battle system of Golden Sun will feel perfectly natural to you. Awesome boss battles and cool puzzles will keep you glued to your GBA for the duration of the adventure. To be frank, having a GBA without Golden Sun is like having a cow that doesn't produce milk. Do yourself a favor and go buy this game immediately!

By Keith Schaefer - 01/15/02
ESRB Details: Mild Violence

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