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Developer: Rare | Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game | Release Date: 08/25/97 | Genre: FPS

The first person shooter genre has been around since id Software's Wolenstein 3D. With the release of Doom on the PC in 1993, this genre has taken off in popularity and hasn't stopped yet. It seems that every system has about 5 or more first person shooters. The N64 is no exception. Turok, Doom 64, Duke 3D, Hexen 64, Quake 64, and finally Goldeneye are all top sellers on Nintendo's newest system. While all of the first person shooters on the N64 have been disappointing, Goldeneye is a breath of fresh air. Rare has developed a wonderful game that just happens to be the greatest movie licensed game ever made. Does this mean it is the best game on the N64...?

From the opening sequence, to the cinematic scenes, even the death scenes, and finally the game itself, the graphics found in Goldeneye are excellent. The major cast members from the movie have been put onto the character's faces in the game. This adds a sense of being in an interactive movie setting. From the time you enter a level, vivid details can be seen all around. From realistic movements by enemies to the gorgeous surroundings, it is all good. You will definitely be impressed at how Rare has made such a wonderful game world.

Goldeneye is pretty much the standard first person shooter game with a few twists. Instead of just running around corners killing everything on the screen, the gamer is asked to become a spy like James Bond and be sneaky and kill only when necessary. When you do make noise, guards can hear you and yell for help! This definitely adds some much need realism to the genre. The gameplay found in Goldeneye is still unmatched on home consoles to this day!

You would think that with all the great features Goldeneye has Rare would have stopped there. Well they didn't. A four player mode and rumble pack support are the two features that Goldeneye takes total advantage of. After the horrible Hexen 64 and its terrible four player support, this seems like a gift from the gods! The multiplayer part of this game has so many features, including: many different levels to chose from, different scenarios of play, choice of what kind of guns appear on the level, and a time or point limit on the game. When you plug in your Rumble Pack (sold separately), every gun you shoot will be felt! Also, every time you are hit, YOU FEEL IT!!! It adds so much to the experience. If you don't have a Rumble Pack, it is time to go get one.

Even if Goldeneye had the best graphics ever, it would need some pretty cool tunes and sound effects to keep gamers in the action. Goldeneye does not disappoint here. Even with the cartridge format, Rare has placed great songs in the game to keep you swinging throughout the many levels. Equally good (if not better) are the sound effects. Every door can be heard opening and closing and every gun has its own sound (even your fist). Never before on the N64 have we been treated to music and sound effects like this!

So after examining all the areas above, it is time to give you my final thoughts on the game. Goldeneye is just what the N64 needs right now-- a great single player and four player game that is easy to play and hard to put down. Does this mean it is perfect? No. Goldeneye just misses an A or higher for a number of reasons. First, while it is fun, the game just starts to get old after a little while of playing. In Mario 64, you could just go run around and explore in any direction and jump too. In Goldeneye, the exploring is limited to walking around. There is no run button, and little sense of running when the control stick is pushed all the way. There is no jump button --a must in all great 3D shooters today. Also, the characters while good looking, seem blocky and unrealistic looking up close. So does this mean that Goldeneye is a bad game? No, Goldeneye is a good game but it is not great. If only Rare had put in a jump button in...

By Kaleb Rutherford - 12/15/00
ESRB Details: Animated Blood, Animated Violence

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