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Gore: The Ultimate Soldier

Developer: 4D Rulers | Publisher: DreamCatcher
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 06/05/02 | Genre: FPS

Three things I believe the world could live without: One, a nuclear war; two, sporting events that end in a tie; Three, another run-of-the-mill first person shooter. Okay, so the whole dam world eats these games up. I ask you, friend: Does that mean companies don't have to push the genre forward?

The world needs a hero?Ķagain.
The future always sucks in video game land, right? Well Gore follows that same path. The world government is losing control. A group of evil guys known as the "MOB" has been kicking the dog snot out of us. So Big Brother sinks a ton of money into a Virtual Reality training simulator for its soldiers. The simulator is supposed to turn out superstud Marines at an accelerated rate. The game begins in the simulator (affectionately known as the Meat Machine). You learn the basics to control your character. But I can't say its all that tough, friends; you run, jump, shoot, and repeat as necessary. But wait... the MOB wants to shut down the Meat Machine. They've broken into the facility. Oh no, whatever shall we do? The rest of the marines apparently suck?Ķwhich leaves you to save the world.

Been there; Done that.
Gore is yet another FPS in every sense of the phrase. You explore levels in first person view with a big gun sticking out at the bottom of the screen. You shoot mindless henchmen who have no purpose in life other than being moving targets?Ķand sometimes they don't even move. You get to pick up armor and fresh ammo and guns off the bad guys when they drop them. Does any of this sound familiar? If you've ever played any other game of this nature, it should. The developers obviously felt it unnecessary to innovate. Hey, why mess with a proven formula?

Just shoot ?Äòem all!
The best part of most FPS is that there are rarely any civilians. When you find them, they're usually being held hostage. Gore doesn't change that pattern. Pretty much everyone you see is a bad guy. They come in different shapes and sizes but they all want to kill you. That means you get to use your badazz weaponry to slaughter the infidels at your leisure. No thinking or talking involved here. Just use the keyboard to move around and aim with the mouse. When you see somebody, fire. That's it.

And then it got annoying...
I admit it: I'm not a FPS gamer. I can't play these games for more than a few days before I'm completely bored to tears. Most of the time I think it comes from the repetitive rooms and hallways that were seemingly designed to be shooting galleries rather than functioning office buildings or warehouses or insert your favorite arena here. Gore actually went a couple steps further down the frustration turnpike. For starters, loading times just flat suck. Its not such a big deal if you can just wiz right through a level. But I am one of those idiots who would prefer to save mid-level so I don't have to start from the beginning when I inevitably get waxed. Gore allows you to instantly restart the level, but if you load from a save, might as well make a sandwich ?Äòcause its gonna be a while. Another pain was climbing up and down ladders. I'd start up a long ladder, get halfway up, and then fall. If it were a large enough fall, I'd die. For what? Slipping off the side of a ladder? I'm no ?Äòultimate soldier' in real life, but I don't fall off the side of ladders either. And going down the ladder was even more difficult; at times it felt almost impossible. I can fire my trusty handgun and hit the bad guy who is too far away to even be seen; but I can't even safely negotiate a ladder? Give me a break.

Nothing outstanding about Gore
Perhaps my review is a little harsh. But if you're going to throw your hat into the ring of a pretty competitive genre, you better crank up the "cool" factor. I found nothing about Gore impressive. The graphics were ordinary. The sound was ordinary. The story... uh, you get the point. I can find no reason to implore my fellow gamers to run out and buy this forgettable title. If you like first person shooters, you've probably already got a better one (if not more) on your hard drive right now. I give Gore a C-. I'm feeling benevolent today and don't think it deserves a dreaded D or F. But there are much better games out there waiting for you to shell out the big bucks. Stay away from Gore unless you feel a dire need to buy another-run-of-the mill FPS. I'll be donating my copy to the local landfill soon enough.

By Kevin Watson - 07/11/02
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Violence

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