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Grand Theft Auto

Developer: Tarantula Games | Publisher: Rockstar Games
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 11/12/99 | Genre: Action

RockStar Games brings a port of a controversial, and addicting game to the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Grand Theft Auto. GTA allows you to play a day in the life of a professional criminal in heavily populated cities all over the USA. The in-game camera has the view of, "EYE IN THE SKY", very much like having your very own TV News copper chase you around highly detailed and realistic city landscape. You can always "Jack" a car for some joyriding... or just sit on the city corner shooting at whatever pedestrians that dear to walk by. All this fun cant go on forever, you know... reasonably intelligent COPS will hunt you down and put an end to your bloody rampage quickly, if you don't decide to run, that is...

You are allowed to rob banks, steal cars for cash, cause insane high speed police chases... (with dangerous and hilarious results), and a seeming unlimited amount of similar crimes that you pull of to the highest bidder! And as your cash builds from pulling off various jobs, (or just driving on the sidewalk running down pedestrians for a nominal amount of money...) You buy your way to new levels and new states. All this should make for a night of wholesome fun, right?

From my description above you can easily tell that I had (too much fun) playing the original PC version of the game. And for anyone who has played GTA for home computer or PSX and are told of a Game Boy port of the game you immediately think that the GB's hardware is perfectly suited for the graphically simple over-head game.

I don't quite understand how, but they just did NOT put any amount of effort into this venture. Completely half asses. My deep sense of, "VideoGamers Sense of Foreboding" kicked into hyper drive the second I got the packaging open. THE INSTRUCTIONS WERE ONLY 4 PAGES!!! And most of it was taken up with production credits. I'll be the first to admit that gaming instructions don't make for enlightened reading, and is not the real reason I buy a game in the first place... but, COME ON. You just know your in for it big.

Alright, as I told you before... the game circles around the need to steal cars to get your crime jobs completed. To get from Point A to point B. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CAR TO STEAL BEFORE YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!! so... WHY CAN'T I FIND ONE @%$# CAR!!!?!?! Let me put this another way... Instead of having congested streets to terrors, the cities in GTA for Game Boy Color are completely empty! It's like a Night of the Living Dead scene! Thus, completely killing any "fun factor" from the spontaneity of forgetting about your mission and just having fun doing deeds of evil.

Don't get me started on controls. No matter what car you steal, never mind if you can actually find one, be it small sports coup, dodge Viper, or school bus... They all handle the same! Very slow and with very wide turns. And let me tell ya, nothing puts a damper on the thrills of high speed chases when your driving a shopping cart.

The sound that you encounter during play are always drowned out by the annoying ingame music... very garbled clicks and beeps that you learn to turn down immediately. But this is like most Game Boy Games in general, sound is always bad.

Considering that this plays on both Game Boy and Game Boy Color the visuals aren't really THAT bad, and are very deceiving that GTA maybe a game that's worth buying. But with the lack on onscreen pedestrians and automobiles... all you get to look at are repetitious city streets.

Overall, the only crime committed with this game was my $28.50 being sucked out of my wallet.

By Dominick Fleres - 08/15/01
ESRB Details: Mild Animated Violence

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