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Grand Theft Auto V Updated Look

Developer: Rockstar | Publisher: Rockstar
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Action

Release Date: 09/17/13

Grand Theft Auto is back! With some of the trademark features that it’s so well-known for, but, also with plenty of new twists thrown in. GTA V sports a trio of characters to play - Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Each of these characters is integral to completing the game, in cooperation with the other two characters, but also has plenty of individual side-missions to complete, on their own.

Introducing this new aspect of gameplay, having three characters to play, is definitely a big deviation from the more classic gameplay that we all know from the previous GTA games. But, a point I can’t help but put out there is the fact that with GTA already having had such a large array of things to do with but a singular character, imagine the possibilities, incorporating two additional characters.

Grand Theft Auto does, however, keep the huge open-world sandbox element that it’s fans have come to love - Whether you’re taking on side-missions, goofing off during a storyline mission, or going scuba diving, you’ll always have something to do. Scuba diving, though, you ask? Yes, that’s correct! Scuba diving. Contrary to previous games where you have ‘died,’ upon entering the water - You will now be able to don scuba gear, and scour the briney deep.

Grand Theft Auto V also boasts beautiful lighting effects, which, as one would imagine, is quite a sight to behold in the later hours of the day (In-game, of course) - Whether it’s the sun filtering in through the treetops, during the daytime hours, glowing neon signs, or the intermittent flashes of gunfire.

Speaking of gunfire - Using guns is something Franklin excels at, in particular, whereas Michael is particularly good at driving, and Trevor... Well, somehow, Trevor is good at piloting planes. Each of these characters having their own distinct set of skills that they excel at, helps to give an even more diverse selection of approaches you can take when tackling any challenge you may come across.

As the Grand Theft Auto series has progressed, we’ve seen the size of the cityscape grow, and grow. Well, in GTA V, Rockstar has definitely outdone themselves. The size of the playable map in this new addition to the GTA series is, by far, the biggest yet - The landscape being composed not only of city, but mountains, forests, rivers, and streams. But, not only do we have plenty of new landscape to explore, but, Rockstar also brought with it, the realism of the wildlife that inhabits the forests, and mountains. Additionally, there will be, at least, some side-missions out in these far reaches of the map - The game will be taking full advantage of the scale of the world of GTA V.

Though, there is still the main storyline - And side-missions are great and all, but how what kind of content can one expect from the major storyline? More importantly, how does these trio work together? Here is one example for you - Heists. No, not just, ‘Oh, we’re gonna go rob a bank with a second thought as to how!,’ and then somehow, miraculously, you have a plan, and all of your needed equipment, to pull off said plan. In GTA V, there will be missions leading up to the heist itself, in which you will be collecting the necessary equipment, to pull off said heist - Be it vehicles, costumes, etc., adding a bit more realism, and development to the events that take place.

With GTA V, also come a new leveling system, for each of the characters, comprised of several different skills, each being leveled by doing whatever that may be, more. So, when one gets later on, in the game, the characters may start to even out, in their skillsets.

All-in-all, GTA V brings many well-known Grand Theft Auto elements, and bring fresh new tools to the table. So, whether you’re new to the series, or a long-time fan - There will be plenty to explore, discover, wreak havoc with, just about anything else you can think of, that happens in a GTA game.

By Davis Wiitala - 06/10/13

Screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V Updated Look

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